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Aug 17, 2016
    1. Coffee
      Thanks, I just tend to be really interested in these sorts of things and end up becoming super obsessed.
    2. Coffee
      So hey, that story you have on Fiction Press, out of sheer curiosity, do you think you could you link it to me?

      I swear I won't deconstruct it and point out it's flaws or anything...
    3. Meta777
      Hooray! Glad you enjoyed it :D

      I'm feeling grrrrrrrrreat! Chilling out, having fun, playing Smash Bros and stuff! it's all good :3
    4. Meta777
      It was awesome, thank you! Hope you had a good one too!
    5. NotRamjet97
      Happy belated new year :D
    6. Decepticons
      Honestly, I loved the Shredder so much! The action scenes, especially involving him, were badass.
    7. Decepticons
      Hey, MZ. You seem to be a much bigger TMNT fan than me, so I wanted to know your thoughts on the movie. I really liked it; I was ready to be disappointed on the account of so many people dismissing it, but I was surprised. I laughed and cried so much! So what are your thoughts on it?
    8. eltonlin98
      Wishing you a happy and prosperous year, MasterZero!
    9. NotRamjet97
      Hope you have a good 2015 :)
    10. NotRamjet97
      Happy almost new year :)
    11. eagc7
      just to share my xmas haul :)


      TF Primacy Issue 3
      AOE Leader Grimlock
      AOE Voyager Galvatron
      ASM2 Green Goblin
      Avengers Skrull
    12. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Happy New Year!

      Huzzah! I don't care if it's before Christmas, it counts! I beat you to the punch this time!
    13. EnergonWaffles
      Merry Christmas! Hope Santa is good to you this year XD
    14. Meta777
      Also, Merry Christmas for when it comes! Hope you get lots of presents and fun and Dr Pepper and stuff! Yippee! :D
    15. Meta777
      Autrio: The tri-facto leaders of the Autobot Army, Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime and Zeta Prime. Ultra Magnus was a gladiator who rose up to challenge Megatron's tyranny, and Optimus and Zeta backed him up, eventually forming a three-way leadership over their own army.

      A Prime is a religious robot who preaches the Covenant of Primus, very well respected. It was the Prime's charisma combined with Magnus' determination that inspired people to join the Autobots.

      Conciller: A Decepticon rank second only to Lord Megatron. Concillers are the best of the best and are given rewards beyond their brethren. Shockwave, for example, has an entire planet (Shokaw) just for him and all his science and drones and stuff. Being a Conciller is awesome, and Starscream dreams of becoming one.

      We'll see Shokaw later in the series.
    16. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      thank you,

      you too.
    17. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Thanks! You're too thoughtful!
    18. NotRamjet97
    19. eltonlin98
      Cheers, MasterZero. Wishing you a great holiday and break as well!
    20. Decepticons
      Same to you!
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