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Aug 17, 2016
    1. Meta777
      And although his flying is great, he has a lot to learn before he save anyone.

      But I believe MasterZero can save the forums!
    2. Meta777
      Nah man, it's cool. It'd be downright silly of me to think TFM defines every and all aspects of your life. You just keep having fun, okay? HAVE FUN.

      Fly high like Airplaneshipping, woop woop!
    3. Meta777
      Don't worry, we're in that phase where everyone's dropping 'leaks' like its hot!

      Dude needs to beat up punks and prove to Outworld that he's the Emperor if all Emperors!
    4. Meta777
      It's cool bro! I love D'Vorah's venomous too. If Kotal wasn't just such a badass, she'd have made it to the top!

      Though I think that Iron Skin varation for Reptile was a fake. We'll find out on next stream, but I'm pretty sure it was just good fanart.
    5. Meta777
      Master Zero! I had a quick question for you! Of the character's in MKX, which one possesses your favourite variation?

      For me, I'm loving Kotal's Sun God; "On your knees!" *roast fucker with sunbeam*
    6. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      don't put words in my mouth.
    7. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      how horrifying.
    8. Meta777
      D'Vorah: "Silly Thunder God! You won't defeat me!"
      Raiden: "Oh yeah? Try this on for size."
      *takes off hat, revealing glorious silver locks*
      D'Vorah: oh. oh my gosh. oh my.

      I wonder if Kotal has sweet hair under that helmet of his.
    9. Meta777
      "Nice mini-skirt."
      "Do you really think so?"
      "Yeah sure man, it looks awesome. We should go shopping!"

      Cassie and Kotal go shopping for mini-skirts. Granted, they have to fight Kitana over some of the better deals, but otherwise it made for a good trip!
    10. Meta777
      D'Vorah is like an Aquaman but with bugs instead of fish.

      "His name was Geoffrey! He had a wife and children! And you murdered him!"
      "He was gonna drink my blood!"
      "No, no he was not! Males don't drink blood, you heartless monster!"
      "Okay, okay, gosh, I'm sorry-"

      Alas, poor Kotal. He should know by now not to squish bugs!
    11. Meta777
      Mortal Kombat X has just become ten times better. Hyper-comptent sidekicks discuss the shenanigans of their wacky bosses!
    12. Meta777
      I love ideas.

      Raiden: Cassie has more class in one finger than all of your clan has put together!
      Kotal: Oh please, D'Vorah makes your precious blonde like a whining baby. She's too good for morons like your crew!
      Mileena: All of you are beyond wrong, my Skarlet is the best! She has the cutest little bloody boots!

      RIP Master Zero 9999-20$$. Died as he lived, an entertainment machine from sky
    13. Meta777
      Yeah, even Shao Kahn keeps her chained up when she's not needed because she's such a freaking powerhouse. Here, lemme throw some variation ideas at you because I love throwing ideas;
      Leech: Focuses on her bloodlust, uses weak but quick attacks to whittle foe's health and heal herself.
      Slicer: Focuses on her swords, all-out offence to fuck the foe up.
      Stream: Focuses on her blood form, slithers around to dodge/counter attacks.

      He has a friend off-screen holding it above the stage, and when he gives the signal, they drop it right down!
    14. Meta777
      Exactly! Skarlet's got hardcore powers when you think about it. She's made of blood, but how can you hurt blood? You can't punch blood or cut blood. It'll just reform. I hope we get more Skarlet, she was pretty damn cool.

      What a bunch of cheating pricks. Even Liu Kang the honourable Shaolin shoots fireballs. Is there no decency?!
    15. Meta777
      I once expressed a muse to the peep Mandiprime that she teams up with Skarlet, the blood gal from MK9, and that Skarlet uses her blood-shifting to mould herself into armour for Mileena. She's got her own outfit underneath, but with this hardened blood armour around her that she can shoot out to reform Skarlet.

      Mortal Kombat is so fun with that. Hey, let's invite a fucking thunder god to a tournament, maybe he'll play fair- oh no, he's teleporting and shooting lightning.
    16. Meta777
      Why thank you, I got it from that first twitch stream ;3

      Hopefully so! I do enjoy curvaceous cannibalistic cuties as my big bad. I wonder what variations she'd have if she was present.

      Apparently. Kotal's got a funky crew, given he hangs out with bug ladies and cowboys and stuff. Clearly the dude doesn't discriminate, and that's wonderful.
      Erron may well die, but he may well live! Guess we'll see how it goes.
    17. Meta777
      He's kotally a sweetie.

      Indeed. His war with Mileena has ravaged Outworld and he just wants it to end, it seems. He wants what's best for his home. I think Mileena is the more obvious antagonist in this situation.

      Yeah, them and a third peep called Erron Black. D'Vorah seems genuinely loyal to Kotal, and he in turns praises her as one of his deadliest warriors.
    18. Meta777
      Well what do you know, MZ? Make a joke about a Kahn being a good guy and now we're getting information pretty much stating that Kotal's a reasonable guy. A far-cry from the violent tyranny of Shao Kahn, ha ha.

      Heck, an intro with Ferra/Torr features him asking them to join them, on account that he wants to restore their kind. More the words of a diplomat than a conqueror!
    19. Meta777
      DC Universe of Superkaiju. SuperGodzilla and his amazing friend fight to save the day!

      The Marvel's crew are Jaegers and Anteverse!Kaiju :P
    20. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Rainbows are awesome. Though I think you should see a doctor if they're coming out of your hands :O
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