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Nov 25, 2020
Oct 2, 2011
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Nov 25, 2020
    1. Mousesi2k
      Sup bro! Yeah, the boy is a week away from being 1! Time f*in flys I tell you. Everythings good but collecting has slowed waaaaaaaaaaay down haha! How you doin? Hope everythings good good man.
    2. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      I saw that Bay Area Collectors thing you do man, that's awesome stuff. I need to get out to Cali lol.
    3. x BlackMagnus x
    4. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Dude, working speakers and a slick paint job? Wow, nice work man, seriously that is sick bro. As soon as I sign back onto YT I will be subbing your channel.
    5. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Sweet bro! How was the convention?
    6. CURAMEN
      It was great to see you as well, B. You are always more than welcomed to hang out with us anytime my man. You'll always have a place with us. :thumb
    7. Josh
      yeah man, i had a blast!! was awesome to meet you too!!!
    8. Mousesi2k
      Hey brochaco! What day(s) are planning to be at BotCon? If all goes as planned, my wife and I should be there on Sunday the 30th (last day)!! Really hoping we make it out haha!
    9. Mousesi2k
      I would love to attend BotCon however, im just to busy lately with work and trying to prepair for the little guy. You plan on going?
    10. Mousesi2k
      Im doing great brah! The wife is 5 1/2 months pregnant with our little boy! Super stoked about that!! Other then that, just doing the same old sh*t! Work, work and more work haha.
    11. Mousesi2k
      Pick up Blitzwing and Springer yet? Found them this morning at Target! Havent popped them out of their boxes yet but will soon!
    12. Mousesi2k
      Sup Brah!

      Havent been paying to much attention lately :( Been busy with work and what not. Had a small flood in my collection room last month but thankfully nothing was damaged!! Just basically soaked my carpet. All's been fixed since then.

      Newest thing I picked up, was FOC Voyager Blaster! Funny thing is, he was all alone on the shelves without any other Voyagers O_o! Hope all is well with you brah!
    13. Razerwire
      Damn, that's a huge order. :lol

      I'm putting off the MP stuff until I catch up on all of the Macross stuff I need to get. So I probably won't be getting Soundwave/Sideswipe/Alert until later this summer. I did get an Assaulter the other day for $85.
    14. Razerwire
      I picked up Grimlock, Blaster and the Legion Smokescreen today. Ironically? It feels like Grimlock and Smokescreen weigh the same. :lol
    15. Razerwire
      I really want to like the stuff Hasbro has planned but I think I've been spoiled too much by Macross and 3rd party stuff.
    16. xaviercal
      iT mASTERXbLASTER thank bro. it always pleasure to meet someone as cool as you. hope to see you around next time.
    17. Outsider31
      Whats up man , im thinking about going to your meet-up
    18. nelodiavolo
      Yea, that would be cool. Let me know what date and I will see if I can plan it out. So much cool stuff coming out lately that I just can't buy it all. Haha, but I am still picking up a few things here and there. Mostly interested in the Asia exclusive generations figures.
    19. nelodiavolo
      Where you been man? I'm mostly just browsing, haha.
    20. MasterxBlaster
      Yup I think I'm going to go with TFSOURCE since they offer free shipping ;] I think im a pull the trigger in the morning!! eeeeeeek!!! I have a custom scourge being done by the guy that did my Toxitron! Guy just received my figure (rts prime mold) So I'll give him about 2-3weeks and he should have him ready (he has hellla other projects going on) So with MP-9B, Shadow Commander and custom scourge, I'd say my second shelf will be on par with my top shelf Thugformers!!
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