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Feb 22, 2018
Mar 7, 2008
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I should burn my wallet.

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Feb 22, 2018
    1. Z.U.D.O.N
      Looks like they've fixed the problem.
    2. Z.U.D.O.N
      Haha.. I understand. Hey, it's not a bad thing. You're saving cash. Ha xD How's life? Anything new?
    3. Z.U.D.O.N
      Hey Mastergeorge. Sorry for the very late reply. I've been busy with work and haven't been back to this site in a long while. How're things?

      Ha. About DOTM Shockwave, I couldn't resist anymore so I bought him. xD I've picked up a lot of Prime figures too.
    4. Mechafire
      Thanks man, but I got those already.
    5. Mechafire
      Oh, I know. I can't even remember the last time I purchased anything there.
    6. Mechafire
    7. Mechafire
      Yeah man, fucking hilarious
    8. Mechafire
      Nothing much. I've just been busy with things other than my nerdy hobbies (school, losing weight, holidays, etc.)

    9. Z.U.D.O.N
      Yeah. Still no pics.. Btw I just picked up DOTM Voyager Skyhammer and Shockwave. They're awesome.
    10. Mechafire
      I dunno, I think there'll be a lot of pegwarming Bumblebees long after Black Friday. :lol
    11. Mechafire
      I have no concept of time anymore; everything just passes by in a single, extremely boring blur. It was a few days ago, I think.

      Oh, and last time I was there (yesterday), Exton TRU had a bunch of Prime figures.
    12. Mechafire
      I was there about a week ago. Only grabbed a few; there were still a ton there when I left. So no, I didn't take them all.
    13. Mechafire
      Hey man, what's up? Haven't talked with you in a while. :(

      Anyway, I saw your post in the sightings thread. I got a bunch of Windchargers at Downingtown 5 Below to distribute amongst friends. Would you be interested in one?
    14. Z.U.D.O.N
      Seconded. I'm looking forward to getting TF:Prime Voyager Megatron, and it could be my first Megatron figure. ><"
    15. Z.U.D.O.N
      Yeah I've seen a few copies of him in stores. I'm still thinking about getting Guzzle.. I rather save more money for later releases like the Prime Deluxe toys >.<
    16. Z.U.D.O.N
      Wow.. A- is great!! Congrats! yeah I don't like math either, but what can you do? It's part of high school. ><"

      I see.. I agree taht the DOTM toys aren't selling so well.. It's pretty apparent in my area too.. But Deluxe Topspin was a very fast grab, which I believe is the same everywhere else. ><

      Hahaha nice you got Deluxe Optimus. :) Yeah I don't like the vehicle that much but for its size it's okay. I'm actually digging the paintjob of the Deluxe Lunarfire Optimus Prime (I think that's the name)

      Btw later today I'm going to buy DOTM Deluxe Laserbeak and mmmaaayyybbbbeee Nitro Bumblebee :D
    17. Mechafire
      Yeah, it really sucks. I seriously felt bad for a while when I heard about it. :(
    18. Z.U.D.O.N
      Oh I see.. So far so good?

      Btw, Youtube reviewer fxfranz has reviewed Armor Topspin. He's a very good figure :) hope you manage to get him! :)
    19. Z.U.D.O.N
      Mhmm. Right you are. I think if I remember correctly you're in college now? How is it going? :)
    20. Z.U.D.O.N
      I agree.. The dish looks weird.. But if you remove the spring and let it be in "gun mode" permanently, then it's no big deal.

      I think it was you who recommended to me to get the HA Basic Sandstorm figure. I saw a couple of them in a nearby store and they haven't moved for months.. I probably will get him. Looks very good. :)
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