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    1. Ranz
      Hey, I'm checking your Animated figures. Sunstorm, Skywarp, Ironhide and Blackarachnia. Several others as well but afraid I may be overextending myself as is. Your ad says to just make an offer so here goes nothing. $60? If I haven't offended you too badly with that offer I may ask about some others as well.
    2. Scaleface
      I am interested in buying Gorgo Aetherblade. PM me to ship to Michigan.
    3. Computron34
      Sent a couple PM's regarding some of your TFC stuff. Just wondering if they're still available?
    4. xKAINxCAINx
      Thanks again for the Fans project Columbio and soleron 6-pack. They arrived tuesday, Columbios target master weapon guy is missing his shield though (you said you forgot to put in box, that's ok) just waiting for that to complete the set:) can you get back to me when it's shipped out, hopefully with tracking as I don't want the piece possibly lost in the mail. Thanks again can't wait to finish this set from you :)
    5. xKAINxCAINx
      Sorry to bother you, I know you said Sunday (Jan 8th) you just got back from a cruise and are moving soon and would have a estimate for shipping on fans project columpio and soleron pack the next day (monday) but I never heard back from you. Can you please message me when you have a moment, I would greatly appreciate it as I still want to buy both and can pay as soon as you have that estimate. Thank you so much
    6. xKAINxCAINx
      Hello :) hope all is well. Pm'd for Columpio and possibly the soleron set
    7. TheBraveCoward
      Sent a couple PM's since Tuesday regarding the Hexatron listed in your sales thread, but have not received a response. I hope I am not coming off as pushy, but I would really like an answer to if you are still interested in selling it.
      1. masishadow
        I am still interested. Just got back from a cruise were I didn't have wifi. Will check out messages later.
        Jan 1, 2017
    8. Shackwave71
      Pm sent for Columpio
    9. TheBraveCoward
      PM sent about your sales thread.
    10. rattraprules98
      PM sent regarding your sales thread.
    11. SWAGE66
      Hey man, got Silverstreak in yesterday, looks great! I dropped ya some feedback, maybe pop an entry in for me when you get a free minute. Thanks again! And hopefully you don't quit completely man, too much good stuff to collect now!
    12. Computron34
      Sent you a PM the other day regarding some things in you BST thread.
    13. Lbsammills51
      PM sent regarding items on your sale thread.
    14. mumdb1
      Still selling your items? Haven't heard back from any PM's. Thanks!
    15. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Sir, I like the way you think.
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