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Wait... it's a bug?!

DON'T TRUST ATOMS. They make up everything. Jan 27, 2017

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Jan 18, 2019
    1. MartyFeeb
      DON'T TRUST ATOMS. They make up everything.
    2. MartyFeeb
      They say irradiated cats have 18 half-lives.
    3. MartyFeeb
      My meeting of clairvoyants was cancelled due to unforeseen events. :(
    4. MartyFeeb
      I used to be a banker, until I lost interest.
    5. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      It's Sunset Shimmee from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.
      I honestly have kinda lost interest in it, but I just love the character.

      It may be a dolly/lift thing I guess, but I can't get any of them to fit the little peg facing either direction, so they have to stand sideways to fit on it.
      If we are being honest though, the whole mode is just kinda there for the sake of it.
    6. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Thanks! Ah the artist drew a bunch of characters and put the same RAWR! in the corner. Also, you hit it dead on with Buzzsaw being a skateboard, as Titanmasters can only ride him sideways like on one.
    7. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I love your sig man.
    8. Spumoni Dingo
      Spumoni Dingo
      I definitely have been considering it. It's just a matter of deciding who to sell, getting some decent pictures of them, and trying to figure out shipping etc at this point. I have a tendency to buy figures of characters I'm not attached to just because they look cool, so a bunch of those and my Power Core Combiners will probably be the first to go.
    9. Biotoakid
      lol thanks man!
    10. Spumoni Dingo
      Spumoni Dingo
      Ha, it's only funny because it's true. My poor wallet. :(
    11. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Thanks! I love your Avatar!
    12. MartyFeeb
      I used to be a banker, until I lost interest.
    13. Ikkstakk
      Oh, yes, for a Masterpiece Delorean I would do many very, very bad things... Happy Back To The Future Day (a couple hours late)!
    14. DukeFett
    15. MartyFeeb
      This guy is dating 3 beautiful girls and wants to settle down. But he can't choose between them, so he decides to use a test. He gives each of them $5,000 to see how they use his money.

      The first girl buys herself new clothes, accessories, goes to have her hair done in a fancy salon, manicure, pedicure, etc. She tells him, "I spent your money to make myself more beautiful for you!"

      The second girl buys him a new set of golf clubs, an expensive suit, a big screen TV, etc. She tells him, "I spent all the money on you, to show you how much I love you!"

      The third girl invests the money. She opens a joint 401k, buys bonds, and invests in the stock market. She doubles the $5,000 and puts it in a joint account with a high interest rate. She tells him, "I wanted to invest the money in our future, so we could retire early and go on many exotic vacations."

      Which girl does he marry?

      (Answer: [SPOILER]
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