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Jan 14, 2010
    1. cnic
      yeah it was pretty much just like that . Megs was alot harder to beat than the Fallen. I was disappointed that you really can't free roam or go back and replay a level with a different character.
    2. cnic
      Hey thanks. dconlolcat of the TWF boards made the site. He asked me to help him out so I am out recruiting lol. Oh and about the Wii version.... I honestly think it was thrown together in about a day. It only took a few hours to beat it. Not much depth to it.
    3. cnic
      Hey come check out our new ROTF video game site Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen - Index
    4. Autobus Prime
      Autobus Prime

      Sorry it turned into a slag-storm there for a while! All you did was clearly state what you thought. No good deed goes unpunished, they say!

      I hope I didn't come across as angry in any posts...I'm more used to discussing this sort of thing on the Allspark, where the dynamic is a little different. :) I was just trying to explain my points like I do there.

      Ah, the Internet. At least the original poster's question got answered!
    5. ManiactoaLaco
    6. cnic
      Hey what's up? Welcome to the Boards!
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