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Sep 9, 2015
    1. eagc7
      R rated? You gotta be kidding! Bay would never make films like be rated R. It's PG-13.
      they were talking of 300 2, not AOE.

      they were saying that the film 300 2 would be an unlikely candidate for have the AOE trailer due to being an R Rated film. thus younger audience wont be able to see the AOE trailer due to being attached with an R Rated film
    2. horsiememmo
      Hey there..... Sites like what?
    3. TylerMirage
      Well, thanks for partially ruining the film for me after I blatantly stated that I hadn't seen it yet. :thumbs2:

      FYI, in my previous response, "executed" in that context means "carried out", "done", "put into effect", "performed". Not as in "killed". As in "I've heared some rumblings about the Mandarin and some people being disappointed with the way that he was PORTRAYED IN THE FILM".
    4. TylerMirage
      Well, I haven't seen Iron Man 3 myself yet, but yes, I've heard some rumblings about the Mandarin and some people being disappointed with the way he was apparently executed.
    5. TylerMirage
      Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with school and then went on a little vacation. So I suppose that it's a moot point to say 'I didn't get your message in time to vote for her'. :o
    6. TylerMirage
      Yeah, I saw them. :) Good work.
    7. TylerMirage
      Yep, I managed to work some magic and fix it a while ago. :)
    8. TylerMirage
      I will try my darnedest.
    9. Star Saber
      Star Saber
      I think you should cool off a bit. First of all, in no way was I out to ruin your life. This is a discussion board, people are expected to give their opinions and discuss. I was just trying to point out how unreasonable you were. It's kind of clear you have a thing for Morena Baccarin and really really want her to play the Wasp, but it's no reason to go bashing anyone else who thinks otherwise, especially when the reasons you use to bash them are kind of flawed. If you feel that ruins your life, I think you might have bigger problems than just getting banned from a thread.
    10. TylerMirage
      Ooh, voting for who could play a live-action Wasp? Send me the link and I'll definitely vote! :D
    11. TylerMirage
      Oh, I'm here and there and I'm everywhere yet nowhere. ;)
    12. TylerMirage
      ...No one said you were mad or upset, MQ.

      Yeah, I'm not sure where they got it.
    13. TylerMirage
      Yes. It's the member who made that particular thread.

      If you come across anything that they've missed, just shoot me a PM on BTVA. :) Just because one person is helping out with a request doesn't mean you can't.
    14. TylerMirage
      Another BTVA member got a hold of them somehow.
    15. TylerMirage
      Yeah, pretty soon images of the filming will start to show up. The movie will be well under way then.

      Sure, let me know when you have the video ready.

      Not quite sure how the shooting in Connecticut has anything to do with this, but okay.
    16. TylerMirage
      Yeah, I saw. That would definitely be cool. :D
    17. eagc7
      okie dokie then
    18. eagc7
      but for be sure you are talking of this team?
      Predator (subgroup) - Transformers Wiki
    19. TylerMirage
      I'll definitely take a look at the Batman thread. I'll check into which mod/admin is in charge of it and either a.) ask them if I can take over or b.) give them a little nudge into possibly working on it soon. :) Okay?

      Thank you very much for you help with USM. It'll be very much appreciated.
    20. eagc7
      its Predacons not Predators
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