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Feb 8, 2020
Dec 29, 2007
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Movie-Accurate Mampy

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Feb 8, 2020
    1. originaljk
      Love all your customs. Great work!
    2. teera_54
      Thank all guy will see my next custom is Superion coming soon!!
    3. nyappy
      ito yung number ko 09277857084 plss po kua pagawa ako seo bayadan kitaaa tiga san ka po?
    4. nyappy
      kuaaa need your helpp plsss
    5. a3.trion
      Christmas na sa Pinas! Merry Christmas!!!
    6. Richard598
      Yeah.;)Good point though.
    7. Richard598
      Hi.I saw your customs which rock,I'm a movie-accuracy junkie to.If you want a REAL GOOD Ironhide:Get ROTF origanal,make guns silver,make body Black,make missle orange.I'd love it!
    8. jackets
    9. jclauterback
      so when you say future you mean future super glue? noobish question i know but the brushing idea would be perfect, so i want to make sure i get the right stuff, thanks for the help.
    10. wylungz
      hey dude, i was wondering wat kinda seal/finish do you use on ur customs? i use krylon crystal clear gloss.. i wanna change to something new but iunno wat else is good.. i was going to do satin next.. any thoughts?
    11. Superquad7
      Hey buddy, I just wanted to say that I personally think you're doing some great work as of late. Keep it up :thumb
    12. jackets
    13. galvatron23
      do you accept Commission
    14. Rogzilla
      Hey Mampy. I know you use clear coat to seal the gel ink pin striping, correct? Well, I have a bunch of sealant I used to use on artwork (graphite and charcoal drawings) would work, or should I pick up some spray paint clear coat? Danke!
    15. mampy
      really thinned down acrylic or oil based paint? Most people use black or gray for a wash but you could go with clear smoke or a darker shade of the base color (for example: recessed areas in a blue panel can be washed with dark blue/purple, recessed areas on a yellow panel can be washed with orange). It's just like how they do panel lining on gundams.
    16. cyclonus666
      "I love the candy metallic purple look it has. I think some very dark purple (almost black) washes would bring out the detail more on those purple surfaces, and maybe a dark gray (or clear smoke) wash on the silver areas. But yeah even without those it looks great "

      whats the best thing to use for a wash?
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