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Sep 2, 2010
Oct 9, 2008
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Sep 2, 2010
    1. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      I aim to be different. Chaotic neutral, but different.
    2. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      It already has. :cry
    3. JetRaid
      Did you ever get that infraction removed?
    4. Tyrannosaur
      Everytime I see your signature I'm afraid Megan Fox will open her mouth to show a second mouth like Alien and chomp through my head.
    5. Orion_Prime48
      oh shes hot but that face is just plain creepy!
    6. Orion_Prime48
      dude your sig is freakin me out! :lol
    7. JetRaid
      Contact Joe Moore, He will fix everything up.
    8. Malikon
      well whatever you do don't point it out!! Lol. Hate to see you get called a flame baiting troll as well.
    9. JetRaid
      Yeah, those posts are really creepy though!
    10. JetRaid
      Just contact a mod and it will be alright : )
    11. JetRaid
      Ah that sucks dude, delete that recent post because it breaks one of the rules!
    12. JetRaid
      Did you get an infraction for that weird thread?
    13. eisen
      :lol well played, man.

      i can't help it though. i think i need an intervention to keep from posting there. :D
    14. Malikon
      idk, there's already a guy on the boards who somehow makes every single post about how awesome Sideswipe is, regardless of the actual topic, lol. Just ask yourself, What Would Optimus Do?
    15. eisen
      haha, like the Opus Dei.

      well i like the idea mainly because i can just invoke "word of sideswipe" everytime a hater/flamer appears, or when a hate thread comes up i say "i claim this thread in the name of Sideswipe!". it amuses me. :lol
    16. eisen
      hey who can we talk to to establish: the Church of Sideswipe social group

      "this group aims to unite all fans under the banner of awesomeness that is Sideswipe! for his glorious badassery commands all to cease their petty bickering and bask in his magnificent light! amen!"
    17. eisen
      i think it's how each prime becomes the fan's personal standard. everything else they consider shoddy copies (both the primes that came before or after theirs). sometimes they want to pronounce this as the one truth, sometimes they remember that what they have is just personal opinion. but if prime was real. he would be facepalming hard until the end of time with our race of fans.
    18. eisen
      LMAO it's all they can do, because they know their displeasure being vented in real life would draw strange glances of confusion. so they say it to other fans who either are with or against them. Bay was right, he made a movie to make people escape, and fortunately (or unfortunately) this board is one of the escapes from that escape. :D

      i really liked the action in the movie, it could have done more storywise but i won't bother lambasting it, because i'm just happy TFs are still out there somehow.
    19. eisen
      so far a bit unstable as of late. with all the political shenanigans going on...

      anyway, it's kind of rare to find those backs and fourths in that one thread. see how we quieted all the ruckus down a bit?
    20. eisen
      hey dude. :)
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