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Sep 23, 2020
    1. Mal
      The C64 is my favorite computer. I actually still have one and it still works. What kind of games did you have in the IBM computers?

      The Vic 20 is awesome too.
    2. Grimwing
      Glad to hear it. I guess in order for you to recognize what it is you got it to run on your system. Congratulations.

      I came across it a few years ago online so I could fill old IBM compatible computers up with abandonware msdos computer games as a hobby that tied into a private computer museum.

      The Commodore 64 was quite a unique machine. Only my vic 20 remains functional for those vintage disks.

      I will be glad to pick up web of shadows for my next platforming/brawler fix.
    3. Grimwing
    4. Grimwing
      Well I played ultimate spider man and the pc game spider man (before movie) a long time ago.

      There is also a really facinating 16 color ms dos platformer that used to be available as freeware. The whole game has spider man trying to escape a monster movie run by mysterio.

      I could try and track you down a link if you like.
    5. Mal
      All cool games. I'm partial to first person shooters myself as well. Plus any Spidey or Transformers game. Breakin' from work isn't that what it's all about
    6. Grimwing
      I'm playing sonic unleashed, lego star wars complete series, and rainbow six vegas 2 now.

      Which seems conflictive, but First Person Shooters, Platformers, and Giant Robot Simulations are the genres I hunt down for what bit of time off work I have.
    7. Grimwing
      Hey, I've been opening a huge pile of universe toys this evening.

      Including 5 universe darkwind because It is perfection that deserves troop building.

      unfortunately the old toy room is now covered in packageing as I type this.

      I also got some new xbox 360 games from target's clearance rack. Saved quite a bit for some games I intended to eventually pick up.

      How about you?
    8. Mal
      Has anyone seen Transformers Universe Bruticus anywhere?
    9. Mal
      I hope not either
    10. bruticus_prime
      i hear that after blackout thats it(i hope not)
    11. Mal
      sorta like an exo-suit? That'd be interesting.
    12. bruticus_prime
      im saying it gonna be like prowls armor it just folds over
    13. bruticus_prime
      yeah hey if they release leader jetfire pics he'll be in the "case"
    14. bruticus_prime
      yeah but not too impressed,but nice concept
    15. Mal
      hey. Yeah I want the Activators Cliffjumper badly. Thank you for the promo code. I'll definitely pick him up.
    16. Grimwing
      I highly recommend you pick up activators cliffjumper the headsculpt is perfect in person.
      you can find it at ( use promo code: tf2009 for 10% off)
    17. Mal
      cool finds. Blurr is awesome imo.
    18. bruticus_prime
      nah but i found blurr though,swindle lockdown and the minibot legends.
    19. bruticus_prime
      nothing much man,?uoy tuoba woh
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