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    1. Grimwing
      Did you see that ROTF video game coverage on the front page. The 360 version is looking fantasticly better this time.
    2. Grimwing
      I'm working out the details. But man: the 30th was going to be more convenient honesty since I work late.
    3. Grimwing
      Alas no botcon for me. I just enjoy the youtube feeds and image gallerys every year.
      Its a international geek holiday.
    4. Grimwing
      Well another nice thing about the 30th is all that sweet botcon coverage.
    5. Grimwing
      That's cool. I do intend on buying a bunch of scouts next saturday.

      In the case of 12 there are 3 each rollbar, dirtboss, knockout, and dead end.

      Ransack and Depth Charge are looking to be available on may 30th as well. Not everyone likes commander boat shoes. (for scale reasons I think) but it has a ambitious amount of detail in the battleship alt mode.
    6. Grimwing
      Knowing walgreens prices they were probably a few dollars higher.

      Neat though. 8 days left for regular release.
    7. Grimwing
      That's ok. I'd still like to see what Transformers you decide to pick up Mal.
    8. Grimwing
      I'm not any good with a brush. I just think three leader primes will display well.

      I've tried kitbashing before with gundams: you just want to grey/silver/black up everything and then "detail" battle damage I've seen people do that to transformers and I think of my sticky grey paint from the gundam astray kit. What a disastrous model building experience that was. The ball joint even snapped after I was done painting it. karma.

      Hey when I get them all home after the 30th I'll be happy to message pics of either the ROTF haul in box or the shelved ROTF display. Its no problem because I have to do it anyway for my youtube channel and some threads in tfw toy discussion.

      apologize es if you didn't want to read my rant.
    9. Grimwing
      Glad you asked. I don't mind talking about my addiction.

      planning on buying
      3 of every supreme, leader, voyager, deluxe, scout, and legend.

      A few exceptions to but I am going for mainline completionism with one of each non-retooled TFTM repaints along with one each skids and mudflap.

      Skids and Mudflap are bound to repainted but I'm not into massively troop building them like the others. They just don't resonate well for that unless were talking about legions of ice cream trucks.
    10. MedicalD
      nothing to in particular, i usually half to see things in person and usually buy if money premits. right now saving for a custom im about to work on, and maybe the target exclusive, bruticus, but waiting to see that one in hand. think most of all i just enjoy going and looking, gets me out of the house sometimes when money is tight
    11. Embryoyo
      Hey what's up?
    12. Grimwing
      Controls are basic. Move, shoot, bomb. I'm having trouble dodging fire precisely. But the difficulty is ridiculously adjustable so I'll hopfully get the hang of it later.

      It has boss rush, a training mode where you can slow the game down, and lots of video settings for example: Since I use a HDTV I flipped the image and the controls so it takes up the length of the screen.

      My vertical shooter is now a side scroller!
    13. Grimwing
      Recently bought "Raiden Fighters Aces" brand new since I had store credit with gamestop.

      $19.99 budget game collection but its really deep. Once I got the plethora of settings configured it was all good.

      I saw spider man web of shadows for $28.99 so that may be in my budget soon.
    14. Mal
      Cool. I'll be doing work with MRI machines in my field of study, cognitive experimental psychology. I know how you feel on thew wait. I decided to take a year off after I graduated to get a job. That didn't happen so it was a pointless endeavor:)

      I'm not looking for much. I'm looking for the Preview Soundwave, the Movie Leader Prime, and Deluxe Sideswipe. I'm not a huge fan of the new movies. I'm a G1er.
    15. MedicalD
      well its kinda an odd story, but to save time, after working as a emt of awhile, i was kinda always into computers. i just find the MRI machines intriguing. only sucky part is i go to greenville tech, and like every field there, its wait listed for like a year. unless your trying to get into RN which is 2-3year wait. was thinking of transfering out but not really sure where to go or start looking. an honestly, id take a certificate in xray just to get my foot in the door. by the way, anything particular your looking for when the new figures hit?
    16. MedicalD
      phd, congratulations, are your going to local school?. im a struggling artist trying to get into just radiology myself though, seems when the economy gets bad everyone tries to rush into the medical field. been a emt for awhile, just decided last year what i really wanted to do though, just bad timing on my part.
    17. MedicalD
      not much this weekend, gpa is in the hospital with colon cancer thats spread to his liver, so me an dad are cutting the yards he has picked up. what you got going on?
    18. Mal
      Thanks for the link. It's a great game. Thank you again.
    19. Grimwing
      Try this one out. Wacky Wheels was the PC equivalent of Mario Kart. But I thought apogee put out a much sharper product. All the hedgehog based weapons and the periscopes that stick out from the water are testament to the games kid friendly humor. Its freeware now:

      Wacky Wheels
    20. Grimwing
      Charlie The Duck, Commander Keen #1,2,3,4,5,6, Rise of the Triad, Mechwarrior, Star Wars (arcade port), Blood, T-Mek, Hocus Pocus, Biohazard, Wolfenstein 3d Spear of Destiny, Decent 2, Donkey Kong (clone), MS pac man (clone), Shattered Steel, Strife, Save Our Pizzas, Space Race, and Blake Stone.

      Off the top of my head these came to mind. And I still have most of them in my collection. I hope mentioning some of those obscure ones are a trip down memory lane for you as well.
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