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Aug 30, 2020
    1. Grimwing
      Walmart is overflowing with mudflap, wheelie and skids now.
      While target has gone insane with three endcaps of GIJoe rise of Cobra Toys.

      So when you get back from new hampshire you'll be seeing a different toy aisle from when you left. Continue to Enjoy your Trip.
    2. Grimwing
      The nice thing about the exchange is you can haggle.

      Edit: got burger king arcee and soundwave.

      Soundwave is practically terrible, the least fun I've had in the set.
      Arcee is the perfect freebie prize though. Just a orange autobot button that launches the spring loaded arcee out of her garage.

      No worries, no hassles, just a pink rolling thunder.
    3. Grimwing
      I got my silver alternity convoy from the tfw Junkion exchange. I got it MIB for $30. Seller: SWOOPDAWG

      As for mudflap. I actually hav'ent cracked it out of the package yet. So I have no idea. But I imagine its good. From what vangelus said. Its really simple and has a good gimmick with his automorphing rocket bow arm.

      Watch out for the varient mudflaps with the "trax" license plates. I was lucky enough to get that one without checking (target had it) But it looks like the running change is going to be all "mudflap" plates.
    4. Grimwing
      Check out this website:

      Arcade Ambience Project

      Free arcade ambience to download. Like easy listening for retro cyber punks.
    5. Grimwing
      Going to Burger King? Bumblebee and Ravage are on the toy promo this week.

      Just thought I'd mention that since we hav'ent had much to talk about in a while
      Also if you get Target's power coupons off their web site you can save up to 20% on Transformers Toys. (Their deluxes are only 8.99 this week. you can use the code on top of that )

      I picked up ravage, chromia, mudflap, cannon bumblebee, wheelie, and interrogator barricade this week from target.

      I'm just missing skids and smokescreen.

      My hauls in other places have been decent. I got alternators nemesis prime, Rumble, Alternity Silver Convoy, and MP01 in the past week.

      See I found this lucky Penny. Its helping me out.
    6. MedicalD
      they had just stocked them, that had a good many of each, i saw 5 just walking around the display

      good luck if you go down there
    7. Grimwing
      The green on desert trakker ratchet is'nt as bright (sun faded look), the doors have very noticeable "sand blasted" tampograph; the roof rack lights are yellowed and to top it off all previously black parts (wheels, roof rack) have been molded in grey now.
      There are'nt any new gimmicks. Just a new style.
    8. Grimwing
      I also fortunately got the fallen this morning And Desert Tracker Ratchet. Who looks surprisingly different.

      Deluxes Hit Wave 1 revision 2. Making Soundwave a bit more commonplace. Wave 2 is going to take a while.
    9. Grimwing
      No. Hav'ent even seen wave 2..... other than the scouts.

      But my deluxe pegs are pretty bare now (one figure a peg) so we may get some boxes in soon.
    10. MedicalD
      sorry, was the dorman center walmart where i picked up ramjet/skywarp, right across the street from best buy, and i think lowes....
    11. MedicalD
      lets see, they had the small side aisle, which was voyager and leaders with the BB helms. then the action figure aisle itself, where i saw strato, and where they stock on the hangers deluxes/RH etc... guess i didnt take as much time as i needed, especially if they were behind me the whole time,.i searched through all the voyagers i saw, though, but it would have only been by luck that mixmaster whould have been stashed there...hell i even saw the megatron...argh...hmmm o well, maybe another time, either way thanks for the heads up, you gave me motivation to get out...thanks
    12. MedicalD
      hey man, i searched up and down for mixmaster at there two diffrent targets in the spartanburg area? i did find a few other things while i was in that neck of the woods, i posted pictures in the sightings area if you wanna check. an yeah, im greenville sc, off hwy 11.
    13. Mal
      The ROTF line is awesome. I'm loving the scouts. Depthcharge and Ransack are just plain cool. I just picked up Mixmaster today, and he rocks. Very complex transformation for a toy his size.

      I do shop in Taylors and Greer. I was just down there today actually. I got my Depthcharge at the Greer Target.

      I don't know if MedicalD is in the SC area.
    14. Grimwing
      Mal I just noticed your not that far away from me in boiling springs.
      So cool to chat with other local transformer collectors.

      If your shopping in my area I'll be happy to report sightings. Usually I don't use the SC sightings thread since I barely know anyone on TFW that is in the state.

      So is MedicalD also in SC?
    15. Grimwing
      I'm just going to fix my prime with a silver sharpie. I talked to the radicons forum this morning and they said that should work. You'll be hard pressed to find a cleaner one. Will post pics later this week (I got it straight from the case assortment as well :))

      As for megatron. Yeah I like it. even his fiddly left arm is adequate for g1 style megatron hand schemeing. Its a jet propelled tank with a demolition ripper claw.
      You can pose the gun barrel however you like where the voyager cannon is limited.

      The tread feet in my mind work, keep the toes formed in for the more film accurate look. The US sound clip owns all the international varients! Its like when he was waking up in the previous movie. "I am Megatroooon"

      The movie toy line is shapeing up well. I am very excited for each new toy because of this interview with takara designer Shogo Hasui:

      TakaraTomy Staff interview Translation - "Shogo Hasui" Mr. Starscream - Transformers News

      Shogo Hasui's movie work seems to be pulling a lot more eastern anime robot architypes into our stilted western robot pool. Gaogigar, Brave, Evangelion, Robotech, and Gundam aesthetics are finally integrateing under the noses of the mainstream consumer.

      Revenge of the Fallen Toys Rule! The 2010 toys with the weapons that are swappable between figures sound like another step in the right direction.
    16. Grimwing
      Got them yesterday morning. Only $40 each! Thanks for asking.

      The problem is some of the paint on prime is bothering me. (a flek of non silver on the front corner of the faceplate. apparently only I see it because its so small) But it was in the best condition of those the store currently had in stock. How's your leader prime? and does it have Silver Crests above the eyes?

      I'm going to hold onto this one in box. Until I see a better one then I'll just buy
      that one and return the troublemaker.

      Ranting. But come on! Primer Prime!

      -Some megatrons will get their mech alive lever stuck under a twist tie. Hilarious though that scratches the paint. Gotta have good paint.
    17. MedicalD
      ya that ransack figure is pretty cool, wasnt really into the scout class until i saw him in the store. had to pick him up myself
    18. MedicalD
      sorry for using your page mal, but freaking A grimwing, why so many superions!?!
      bahahahaha. looks like ill have to travel to another state to find him. lol
      been looking for other signs of the "rare" ones but been debating on which ones.
      however had a couple of employee's more or less confirm the 21st date, also confirming they have certain ones in back still boxed. the one im really looking for is the fallen, which might be hard to get off the bat.. =/
    19. Grimwing
      Here are my pictures. I've been busy all weekend with work and then the toy shopping.


      No leaders found yet. And all the deluxes and scouts I have are from wave 1.
    20. Grimwing
      I'd suggest you run over this morning if you can. My wal mart was already selling the ROTF stuff. I'll post pics in a few hours.
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