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Aug 19, 2006
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Dec 8, 2023 at 10:33 AM
    1. Brosiden31
      Great seller and provided really fast shipping! :)
    2. Gammatron 64
      Gammatron 64
      haha, no worries
    3. Gammatron 64
      Gammatron 64
      Not much. You're the same Mal from twitter and TFCon, right? Or a different one? lol
    4. MedicalD
      the only thing i keep shuffling to the local stores for is a leader ironhide, which seems everyone has but I type of thing.
    5. MedicalD
      actually saw, 3wheeljacks and 1thundercracker at the greer walmart saturday.
      havent seen these anywhere else locally, so it was kind of a surprise.
    6. MedicalD
      good to see you still posting in the sightings forum, thought you had disappeared for awhile, anything you been looking for particularly?
    7. Optimist_Prime
      Not much man, just adding a few more NH folks to my contacts.
    8. Mal
    9. Mal
      I did see the quick Combaticon bios very cool. Have you combined Jetfire and Optimus together? Pretty cool.
    10. Grimwing
      Jetfire is gigantic in any mode and at least as complex as leader optimus prime.

      The colors are muted enough for me. A complete black look may have drowned out all the molded robot detailing.

      I also have bruticus maximus. Check out the quick bios on the back of the box.

      Arogant loner astronaut, con artist, interrogator, strategic genius, and Loudmouthed Artillery Gunner.

      Brilliant feel for the original characters, great blurbs for soothing nostalgic fans.

    11. Grimwing
      Hey! its been a while.

      Got leader Jetfire from toys r us.
    12. Grimwing
      Still hav'ent found long haul. Ejector Nightbeat and Arcee are here though! Its pink...a very hot neon pink in person.
    13. MedicalD
      wow thats a good many,..... arcee, thats one thats been on my list, i havent seen her anywhere, been keeping my eye out though. kool congrats on the new grabs

      devastator, to share any insight on your thoughts/opinion of this mass of toy...even if it wasnt a gift, do you think you wouldve bought it later?
      im just reluctant to get it, needing some persuasion
    14. MedicalD
      havent gotten much as of lately, i did find a jolt vs ravage robot heroes that i thought was interesting, as well as Ha sideswipe awhile back...the back kibble isnt bad, but it did leave me wondering, what the designers are thinking.
      ty for the input on im left wondering what my next project will be
      what about on your end, anything new you picked up?
    15. MedicalD
      hey man, might want to keep an eye on greer walmart, i think there in the midst of a restock, i saw loads of old iron hides, but i did find a lonely long haul there, and passed on the 1 grindor i saw...there toy isles seem grim usually but i was getting the feeling there adding more stuff, because they seemed to be moving things alot to make room(for other things)
    16. Grimwing
      I have the ice cream twins and human alliance sideswipe. Though I hav'ent gotten around to opening them, as for human alliance sideswipes back kibble, I doubt it will bother me either since that backpack preserves the sleek sword arm and speedy mospeadea wheel feet.

      Want to get long haul and grindor asap. I have not seen them anywhere.
    17. Grimwing
      Taylors Wade Hampton WalMart!!! Restocked this morning on deluxes and legends.

      Blazemaster, Ice Cream Twins, Dead End, and Jolt.
    18. bruticus_prime
      my new collection start is kamen rider
    19. MedicalD
      doing well, been out of town this weekend for a tourny in rockhill. attempting to throw together a school schedule that will benefit me, i still think the wait programs are ******ed. but i dont think im financially stable enough to travel back and forth to anderson college this year. by all means ill do it next year if for some unforsaken reason i dont get into the program this year. hobby collecting is slowing way down, seems like im just waiting on things to come out. however, its given me the time to test/practice/experience new medias with a few projects im about ready to unveil.
      how are most things on your end of the street?
    20. Grimwing
      Toys R Us is clearanceing about 50% off Universe and Animated toys. I plan to load up again on saturday.
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