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    1. Venixion
      Happy Holidays or at least a really awesome day Mako
      1. Mako Crab
        Mako Crab
        It has been so far. Hope yours is too!
        Dec 25, 2019
    2. ILoveDinobot
      Kudos to your calm response man. I couldn't....
    3. Venixion
      Your little guys are too adorable!
      1. Mako Crab
        Mako Crab
        Thanks!! I have to resist the urge to flood that thread with too many pics!
        Feb 5, 2018
      2. Venixion
        That would be very difficult. :D
        Feb 5, 2018
    4. Venixion
      Hee hee hee. Alucard paying a little "visit" to the Belmont homestead could certainly explain a lot. :D

      Harmony of Dissonance lives up to its name in the music department. It is also one my least favorite Castlevania games. Second only to Bloodlines on the Genesis. It's not particularly engaging.
      1. Mako Crab
        Mako Crab
        Yeah, I was making some ok progress last night, so I know eventually I'll beat it. But man, the challenge isn't even there. I'm taking 1 hp of damage from everything & killing most enemies in 1 hit at the moment. So the real challenge is just trying to find out where to go, & it's just not much fun. I'll beat it, but I don't think I'll replay it any time soon.
        Aug 31, 2017
      2. Venixion
        Yeah it is boring. I tried playing it several times and was just like blah. Your doing better than I did.
        Aug 31, 2017
      3. Mako Crab
        Mako Crab
        Well I did beat the game a few days ago. Got 100% on the map, unlocked the best ending, but still- meh. I went and played Super CV4 afterwards. That made everything better.
        Sep 13, 2017
    5. kaijuguy19
      Same here just chilling.
    6. kaijuguy19
      How's it going?
    7. Mako Crab
      Mako Crab
      Jetstorm's cocky, arrogant, but also has a great sense of humor and a savvy sense of style!
    8. OOSnake
      What's so great about Jetstorm?
    9. cybertronian G1
      cybertronian G1
      nice doing buisness with you also let me know if you decide to get rd of anything else thanks
    10. Mako Crab
      Mako Crab
      Not too shabby. How about you?
    11. Eric
      How goes things, Mako? :)
    12. Mako Crab
      Mako Crab
      Doing good! Having fun with WFC and looking forward to FOC. How about you?
    13. GuardianAngel87
      Hi. How are things going for you? :)
    14. Mako Crab
      Mako Crab
      Yep. Though with all the positive reviews I'm reading, and the addition of SkyByte to the mix, I'm thinking I may have to pick up the trades when they come out. Why do you ask?
    15. Maverick Hunter Christian
      Maverick Hunter Christian
      Hey duder, you still on IDW comic hiatus?
    16. darksage78
      Ah no worries, always interesting just to read someone else's thoughts especially one who watched the series as it came out. For me I grew up with BW as my childhood so its near and dear. But about TFA - I feel its really hard to sell to my other friends. They also grew up with BW but out of the TF loop, I recently introduced them to TFP and they love it. Not so keen on TFA and understandably, sometimes I feel the fandom hypes TFA up too much. For me I just feel TFA brought TFs back to the fun element but storywise it wasn't groundbreaking and the plot didn't really get to go anywhere epic.

      I have read Black Oracle's stuff - very good. She's definitely one of the better writers out there, doesn't go anywhere near too fanwanky unlike other fics. I highly highly recommend peteynorth's though. It's about 60 something chapters but it integrates G1 Cartoon mythos with the Marvel comics quite well which DiTillio drew most of his inspiration for the BW history. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that once you get into it =D
    17. Mako Crab
      Mako Crab
      As much as I love BW, I kind of lost interest in finishing out all the reviews for that. I've kicked the idea around of going back and wrapping it up, but these days I tend to have too much on my plate as is. Gotta agree with you- BW is still the best! Though TFA and TFP are giving it a good run for its money.
      I've heard of peteynorth. May have to give his fic a look. If you're hanging out in the fic forum, then you've no doubt seen Black Oracle's stuff. If you haven't read it, give it a look. Some great fics there!
    18. darksage78
      Ah man sorry this correspondence is difficult to keep track of. Ever manage to finish your BW coverage of the series? BW was the best series in terms of storytelling still in my opinion. If you ever want to check out some great fiction, I highly recommend peteynorth's Transformers 2.0 in the fanfiction section. AMAZING read, ties G1 to BW and BM very nicely. Do check it out if you have the time.
    19. megatron66
      Skay. I love the pacman game, even though I fail at it.
      My fave's Blinky, as you can see.
    20. megatron66
      Thank you. And its Ms. 66.
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