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    1. Sidecutter
      If I do, they'd be at the normal price but as long as I'll be haiung a bunch of the sale stuff shipped I may go ahead and get some spares.
    2. Insane Galvatron
      Insane Galvatron
      I think it's because the good news of the gospel, means the bad news of sin and condemnation are true. People in their nature want to think they are "good". If Christianity is right, then it means they are wrong since it teaches we are all sinners. So they hate it because they don't want it to be right.
    3. Insane Galvatron
      Insane Galvatron
      Yeah, I hit the nail on the head with the "witch-hunt" comment. Several of those people do not like me because of my young earth creationist views. Which tells me something. If my stance on that can generate hate, then I must be making some good arguments for it. lol. Otherwise, they'd laugh instead of getting angry. So you're right. They just look for an excuse to run me into the ground, and would have complained no matter what. Even if I designed it to a "+" style crosshair, they'd still call it a cross and accuse me of forcing religion on people. :lol. I would have kept going with them, but a mod came in and said to keep it on topic, so I had to just stop.
    4. Insane Galvatron
      Insane Galvatron
      Sure, that's fine. Do you find it amazing that I was called a liar even when I never denied it was a cross? :lol All I ever did was defend the fact that some crosshairs have a longer bottom line. That's only denying when it's an either/or case. Not when it's a "both" issue. :lol
    5. FreshDebesh
      It could be that the board was having server issues. This happens from time to time. If you experience any problems further, I suggest contacting an Admin about it, as they can probably help out with the technical stuff alot more.
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