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Mar 13, 2009
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Jul 14, 2017
    1. Underwear
      Turansformah mach!
    2. Khaiern
      Oh btw, please also let me know the price you willing to sell it, thanks!

    3. Khaiern
      May I ask normally when and where do you deal?
      Btw my contact is 96178377 should you don't mind sms/whatsapp, thanks!

    4. Khaiern

      May I know do you have stock for Orion Pax and Megatron for sale?

    5. rizuan76
      Ada Ratchet tak?
    6. Underwear
      Hey bro you got my profile msg?
    7. Underwear
      Hey bro I hope I'm not bothering you.

      I heard you're the go-to-guy for preorders. I'm interested in a couple of stuff but only problem is, I can't seem to locate the current order list. I hope you can assist me on this. Then I can just add my name on the SG/M'sian thread again.

      Thank you. :)
    8. sci70716
      Hi i am interested in 3 x wreckcar do u still have stock? I am frm Sgp. My num 91396001.Pls let me know tx.

    9. Abrogate
      When you say Ironhide and Thundercracker are in this year's Botcon set, do you mean Universe Ironhide and Classics Thundercracker, or Animated?
    10. rizuan76
      Here ya go! it's like they're having a meetup at CSC lol. :D

    11. rizuan76
      Check it out proto Godbomber.

    12. TCracker
      Check yer PM
    13. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Aww thanks for the expose, guys! ;)
      Im touched! :cry: :D ;)
    14. rizuan76
      When you're left with NOTHING BUT TRANSFORMERS, then you WILL appreciate NOTHING BUT TRANSFORMERS!

    15. TCracker
      Kan ini cerita Gary? Dah hilang ke posting tu?
    16. rizuan76
      Terima kasih banyak2 ya. saya sangat suka cerita fantasi ini, ia nya sungguh menakjub kan.

      FUUH YOO!
    17. Mach
      Watak utama dalam cerita ini seekor burung kecil bernama Daniel di hutan belukar Singapura. Meskipun kecil, dia tangkas macam burung kecil. Maaf, silap di sini. Dia memang burung kecil.
      Bagaimanapun, ceritanya begini. Pada suatu hari, dia bertemu dengan penjahat penjahat yang berkulit cerah dan berkepala 3. 1 kepala di atas dan 2 di bawah tetapi otaknya di bawah sahaja. Pelik betul!!

      Daniel dengan sifat naifnya bertegur sapa dengan mereka dan terjerat dengan sifat luaran mereka yang mempesonakan terutamanya ketua mereka yang bernama Cekik Anjing. Ketua mereka sebenarnya perempuan di sebalik topeng lelaki yang tampan. Dia berpura-pura ganas tetapi dalam hati, pengecut macam tikus yang mati pucuk.

      Mereka berjaya mengumpan Daniel ke sungai yang berdekatan dan memaksa dia buka pakaiannya. Daniel masih tidak faham tujuan sebenar kumpulan di bawah Cekik Anjing. Dia membuka pakaiannya sambil menyanyi lagu

      "Just to make you feel like you pissed in your bed, but there's nothing you can do but lie there"

      Oleh kerana tiada masa, saya terpaksa menamatkan cerita secepat mungkin.
      Saya ada banyak kerja dan tak macam penjahat kulit cerah dalam cerita kita.

      Selepas membuka pakaiannya, Daniel menari bogel dan memukul perutnya dengan penuh semangat. Sebenarnya Daniel tahu tujuan asal kumpulan jahat ini. Saya cuma taip sebaliknya sebelum ni supaya awak masih baca.

      Pukulan ala gendang Daniel mengejutkan binatang-binatang buas dalam hutan itu dan mereka menuju ke arah Cekik Anjing yang baunya busuk kerana dia tikus yang mati pucuk.

      Pengikut-pengikut Cekik Anjing, Pencukur Wayar dan Tendang Kembali tahu akan kedatangan binatang-binatang ini dan mereka melarikan diri ke dalam lubang-lubang tupai dan tikus.

      Daniel ketawa berdekah-dekah. "Bodohnya mereka ini. Tak sedarkah mereka yang binatang-binatang ini datang nak menjamu selera dengan memakan aku kerana aku gemuk?"

      Sekian, terima kasih
    18. rizuan76
      You make me feel like while inside the toilet, and halfway realize that without any tissue or water available. Nothing u can do but squat there....

    19. rizuan76
      Turansformah mach!!!!!!!!
    20. rizuan76
      Thanks for your kind & loving offer and why does mr Internet sexy, charming, suave, cool as ice Tough Guy only speak out when he's behind the keyboard aite? touche ooh la la. i dont have anything against you & have we even had any bromance conversations before? pls dun betray the revolution of our Cybertronian forefathers!!!!

      So why are you typing like you've got past sexual deficiency issues with me?

      Live long & prosper scalpers. I love all of you here....I really do.

      Sarcasm much yo? wassup!!! wassup!!! if the bontotrons wanted to brand us as traitors to the revolution they would already have done so ya'all!!. let's party all nite long!!

      Let's get it on! that was just a reactionary reminder homeboyzz. word up!! word up!! i was stating my sleazy opinions, not forcing it on any sex maniacs, deviants or bontot lovers out there. for the less literate:

      con·flict (kŏn'flĭkt')
      A state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical persons, ideas, or interests; a clash. then you should know full well how people thrive on conflict & revolution at another's expense like buying $300 for KR toys ah?
      i got no beef but beef burger with you, my homo brade - i'll make this clear in case sex maniac people start saying otherwise like jealous liddat.

      peace, war & sex maniac out. I'm so disappointed in yrself, that you should be proud & ashamed of hoo boo hoo....first the tfsg hate & love, then the unwarranted idolatry heshanj hate & passion, then deadpool eat rojak at mamak shop? then KR love with me?

      boo hoo boo hooo

      Live lobangs & prosper scalpers. may all yr dreams & wishes come true. AwWl gee, i didn't know my popularity was that long-lasting and my quotes that awesome.

      regarding sp's post:
      how could a thread survive when people harp on and on about a let's dance butt-naked topic months old? -> :deadhorse:

      stay funky guys! PLAY THAT FUNKAY MUSIC WHITEBOY!!! :thumb

      you know, it -is- kinda sad when there's nothing to harp on and on about other than the current obsession.

      first the tfsg hate, then the unwarranted heshanj hate, then deadpool then me..?

      its sad when someone identifies himself through conflicts with others. nevertheless i applaud your determination in sharing my legacy to the uninitiated.

      stay funky.

      bwa ha ha ha ha?!!?!?

      and why does Internet Tough Guy only speak out when he's behind the keyboard?


      i dont have anything against you nor have we even had a conversation before.
      so why are you typing like you've got past issues with me?

      is it that hard to read?

      you guys are acting like you're the victims here. there -are- proper threads to chitchat and there's always msn messenger/the prm function should you feel the need to post a myriad of inane statements and respond to each other. and yes, forum etiquette dictates that quotations have to have a purpose in order to save bandwith - the above is a good example of HOW to use quotations and respond to them in kind.

      i believe small chat's okay, but such a huge deviation from the real purpose of the thread? the real sightings are being pushed back by post after meaningless post about your day. just start a blog, wouldja?

      and none of that crap about everyone being entitled to their opinion, or claiming that i'm forcing my beliefs and values on others - there ARE rules governing the use of this thread and site, and yes, there ARE rules on the planet Cybertron too.

      Yo yo!!! wassup homies believe small chat's okay, but such a huge deviation from the real purpose of the thread? I'mma get laid man!!! I'm so ashamed of myself dat I'm so disappointed w/y'all.

      The real whorehouse sightings are being pushed back by post after meaningless post about your day to day sexual escapades. just start a adult sex toy maniac blog, wouldja aite? c'mon!! c'mon party all nite long!!!!!! let's go to zouk!!!

      Waddup none of that revolutionary crap about no one being entitled to their socialist opinion, or claiming that big brother is forcing our TF beliefs & immoral values on others - there ARE butt naked rules & regulations governing the use of this thread and site. man I love this thread so much. I love ya'all/

      Live long & prosper. all hail scalpers

      Btw next weekend i'm checking out the latest hot spots in geylang area or maybe after that I'll head down to Desker road or something. anyone interested to hook-up just PM me.

      Yo yo!!! finally someone notices all the crap & mass orgy that's been going on (I like). the conservative shithead that's been making the tags (all of you dance butt naked maniacs) should get his just desserts like chendol, doughnut, prata w/sugar, custard puffs IMO - the tag area isn't your personal blog but it's within yr Cybertronian rights, thank you very much & pls donate generously. pls dun be a traitor to our glorious revolution.

      This thread is turning into a fun-filled WHOREHOUSE party worthy of geylang, desker road, petain road & maybe changi beach too. just add each other in msn and have your personal bromance chats there would you aite? c'mon! c'mon!! c'mon let us shake our booty!!!

      Live long & prosper, be nice to one another. & yes I do love all of you very much.
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