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    1. mac&cheese
      yes it adds up super fast. i was collecting tf, power rangers, gi joe, spawn, she e, he man, voltron, simpsons. and much more. i had almost alot from those collections no where near complete. it would have costs way more to finish all of them. now i collect some tf a few others not over doing it. as for other toys yes , cars and now buying up houses to get out of the rat race.
    2. rumsawatti
      WOW!!!! 100 thousand dollars??? really? ur collection must have been huge!!! das crazy wat kinda big boy toys we talkin bout? lol cars?...
    3. mac&cheese
      cool, those are still worth a few bucks if your dad has them now.
    4. Tyrannosaur
      Yeah the 12" figures, though I did have alot of the 4 inch figures from my cousin when he gave them to me.
    5. Tyrannosaur
      Yeah I've been collecting the movie GIjoes too. They're really nice and I used to play with my dad's figures when I was a wee' lil lad :lol
    6. rumsawatti
      HAHAHAHA wow dats crazy!!! LOL anyhooo...I started after the first movie...actually more in 01...but i only get 1 every year...till i found i have about 20...tryin to get atleats 50...den im done...:D so do u only colect tfs or u do other stuff?
    7. Tyrannosaur
      I live in Rhode Island. I have atleast 100-150 TF's in my collection, most are movie figures and classics with a few animated here and there. Beast Wars got me into Transformers, and so did Armada, Energon and Cybertron.
    8. rumsawatti
      HAHA Thanks...Kewl...anyhooo I take anything!!! LOL right now im more into junkers...repainting and repairing and modding... but ill take anything long as its a tf...anything to improve my collection...I gathered uve got a hell of a collection by a few posts i read...When did u start collecting? :D Later!
    9. mac&cheese
      yes i always do that also. i quit for a few years. then i want them back later on down the road. but this time im holding on to them. do any of you get any of the ko transformers? or do you prefer transformers? i collect real reissue and get all the ko for the ones hasbro dont reissue.
    10. blunghole
      I've collected ever since the first days of G1, with Windcharger being my first. Took a break when I was in college and touring the country in a band, but I eventually got back into it.
    11. mac&cheese
      thanks bro for all the info, i wouldnt be a mod. dont have the time. how long have you collected transformers? do you collect other toys as well? i myself went all out before, and ive spent over 100,000.00 on toys in the past. so im limiting myself from ever doing that again. i stop collecting for a about 10 years. i left the toy collecting business, and went into high end exotic cars instead. which im still currently into now. then saw the g1 style ko reissues and takara encore reissues. i could not resist but to buy them because they look so good, and reminds me of the ones i had or wished i had. how about you? i know your very young and dont know how you got into transformers? i myself grew up in the 80s. the cartoons were sooooo nice.
    12. Tyrannosaur
      Yep it gets easier after a while. Just remember to follow the rules. TFW2005 is a wonderful site and like many of us here we don't want to get banned from it.

      If someone is bothering you or insulted you, report their post and the mods/admins will take action. Make sure you get on the mods/admins good side on here. Drop by their profile and leave a vistor message. The moderators and administraitors here may seem a bit strict but they're all very nice and just. They want to make sure everyone here is treated equally and with respect. Donations to the site, submitting news and new pictures of new figures, becoming an active member here and you might even be selected to become a moderator.
    13. Tyrannosaur
      Always nice to see new members around here :D welcome.
    14. TTTT
      I have some KOs for sell if you are interested.
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