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Jan 17, 2020 at 9:10 AM
    1. mac&cheese
      Yeah, just dont collect everything. I did that a few times and it wasnt just money, but the time to keep looking for new toys was so much time wasted. Its ok to collect, but to over collect is not fun at all. I do like the dragons myself. They look very cool. I cant wait to go to my favorite resturant ever in orlando. Its the boston lobster feast! Yummy!
    2. rumsawatti
      lol sounds great haha :) I might have to take you up on that tempting offer sometime :D after all you can never get to many phone numbers ;) Yea im trying not to go collect crazy again too, you lose so much once you get into it and the spending gets outragous. In two days you end up spending over $200 in a couple toys...but these dragons have me blowin money
    3. rumsawatti
      yea some threads are OD hookers if i could say so...
    4. rumsawatti
      HAHA yea its a nice place to just law low for a while :) how goes the lambo? ;)

      ah, i dont collect transformers anymore but i have taken up to mcfarlane hooked lol
    5. rumsawatti
      waz guud bro! long time...
    6. Autobot78
      I think we should be friends as we are the most hated on this site :) (unjustly of course)
    7. tfike110
      I'm interested in your KO reflector. What condition is this item in? Joints tight? Nothing broken?
      How much shipped to 19001?
    8. Sinestro
    9. mac&cheese
      I wish I could customize, but no time at all for that. I know what you mean by stop collecting. Its just a waste of money, but ok if theres extra spending cash. I though about giving it up too. but for now I will keep them. I still think your a very lucky person to live in orlando, with all of those attractions, endless department stores, and resturants. I live in washington dc, so its ok. I do go to ny alot, the dc bay area, and the normal things going on in md/dc/ny area. sorry to hear your getting out of collecting. I think you should just hold on to what you have and think about it first. you never know if you might want them back later on down the road.
    10. rumsawatti
      HAHAHA its all good i havent been on the boards myself much lately lifes so busy...well sadly the only thing ill be getting is...out of psp broke and honestly lately ive been finding it more valuable and usefull to me in my every day life then my tfs so i decided to sell my collection to get the money to fix it...anyhooos...that sounds great!!! hit me up when you get those figures i wanna hear all about ever thought of getting into customising? HAHA
    11. rumsawatti
      wad up homeboy!! whatchu you been up to?
    12. bouncing boy77
      bouncing boy77
      yup, its the same. i think it was a europe or asia release that made its way here in the us.
    13. rumsawatti
      hahaha i dont live far from there...i got bored of da other theme parks...cept fun spot...but all in dat its super hot over here...its boring...
    14. rumsawatti
      noop...cant afford any...I wish my dad wud let me get my liscense but he sed when i get a job and can pay my insurance i dream car is a Subaru impreza wrx sti...I luv race cars and to me thats the ultiate rally car HAHA but yea maybe one day we can check out dat car showroom HAHAHA what part of orlando u comin too?
    15. rumsawatti
      HOLLY S****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....A LAMBORGHINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drive a gold 95 honda accord...da cleanest one in far...It does look pretty nice if i say so myself...HAHA but A LAMBORGHINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    16. mac&cheese
      whats your macross collection like? how much spent? what kind of macross products? just curious. i think you should get a bruticus add on kit. it looks really nice.
    17. bouncing boy77
      bouncing boy77
      i only bought the add-on for classics ultra magnus. i missed on the cj set as it was really very limited. i passed on the other add-ons for the classics prime mold, as well as the superion and bruticus upgrade kits. i have warbot defender coming in, i got it in a group buy. if ever the add on kit for rodimus comes out, i'll be getting that one. yeah, i think i've spent more too much for macross stuff i bought since dec. what can i say, they're just so addicting. but the good thing i've noticed with macross, tfs that are intended for adult collectors is that if you decide to resell them, you won't be taking a big hit not like selling a rotf or animated figure which you're really selling at a loss.
    18. bouncing boy77
      bouncing boy77
      yup, its image anime. a fellow macross collector told me about it as there's something i wanna buy from them, but its a tad expensive and i'm not in a rush to get it anyways. as for g1 jetfire, its highly unlikely that it'll be reissued, since its owned by bandai. best thing you can do is just try and get one on ebay. i think it shouldn't be hard to find a complete or try to complete one. i guess that's what really drives us to collect tfs and other stuff because we didn't have them when we were kids. just like me, i grew up around the time when it was g1 transformers on tv, as well as macross, mask, voltron, etc. but like i said, i'm just into the collector-type of toys now. really learned my lesson the 1st time around not to impluse-buy-everything anymore. i'm in az btw. goodluck with you collecting man!
    19. mac&cheese
      right now a daily beater corolla, and celica. but trading it in for a easier box car scion. as for the weekend car, its paided for a longtime ago, but will be here this fall if all goes well. its a very long story, why its not here yet. but its a dark grey metallic lamborghini murcielago. price was not to bad. a slighty used model from 04 costs was 190k. which a new one is 450k not including tax. buying the car is not too bad. but to maintain it will cost alot more. for example clutch is 10k every 10k mile. but hey got to enjoy life, while we are still young right?
    20. rumsawatti
      oh itz strayt HAHA yea i luv customizing but to start up a busness is a whole nother level...i dont think im ready for dat yet...I dont really have proper tools for customizing...I use what i can find...but yea i was into tfs real bad wen i first started on this site...but after i got my car...I lost i pick up a tf once in a while and screw around wit dem tryin to bump up there sell back price a bit...i dont have my license yet...but dat aint gonna stop me LOL but i hear u man the price adds up the time u buy 2 tfs...u spent a good 20$ at the least LOL...dats y im droppin awaiting a few more an den im out...:D Nice talkin to u man! Its always nice to meet sumone dat had/has such a HUGE collection!!!...what do u drive?
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