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Feb 8, 2010
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Oct 5, 2023
    1. LadyStarscream
      Granamyr has arrived! I haven't opened him yet, I need to find a spot to display him first. I love the box art! I also noticed you responded to my last message on your own wall so I didn't see it until now! :lol Did your Granamyr arrive yet? Have you opened him up and put him together yet?
    2. mac&cheese
      Haha! Yes I know exactly what you mean on going over board on too many lines. I did this for 15 years and I keep doing it. It's really hard to give up good things that has meaning to us. But in the end I look as it as a fun thing. I can't own everything from every line. Wished I had that much space to show them but no way. As for granamyr I'm so happy I got him. He always was one of the coolest characters in motu! I would say get castle greyskull. It's pure motu and besides if you change your mind I'm sure you can at least even out. I'm passing on many of the figures I still want from the rebellion. If they make a castle bright moon/ crystal castle. Then I'm in trouble.
    3. LadyStarscream
      Yes! Granamyr did sell out! If you search for him by name he still comes up on Matty's page with the Sold Out banner! As for Castle Grayskull, I have not ordered one. I think it looks really great, but it's really expensive and I have no idea where I would even store it, let alone display it. I am suffering from going overboard on various lines at the moment! LOL! I need to unload some things soon, but its so hard to choose favorites!!!
    4. LadyStarscream
      Did you decide on Granamyr? I received my ship notice for him!
    5. LadyStarscream
      Yes, I ordered Octavia and Man-at-Arms! This is my first sub as well. I try to collect mostly the Filmation characters as it is, so decided to try the Sub. I actually have both versions of the Sorceress, the normal one and the white clothed version. Temple of Darkness I believe she is called. I grabbed her during Matty's Black Friday sale. I really want Shadow Weaver but she is so expensive!
    6. LadyStarscream
      Filmation Subscribers Unite!
    7. mac&cheese
      Yeah it's been a while. I sold most of my collection now and started collecting sideshow statues. I thought transformers was expensive at 100.00 average a piece. These statues are costing me a lot more than transformers. The statues range from approx 400.00 to 900.00shipped a piece now. i have about 50 statues now in 3 months which costs me about 30,000.00. And that's is nit even that many when you see.them together. But how's things going in tf world? I see a few new fp items out again now finally. The last few weeks I see some goodies back up from 3rd party companies now. I know your a alien and predator fan and wait until you see those alien big chap ( the big version) and LSF wolf predator statues. You will drool over those. :)
    8. TrueNomadSkies
      Yeeeaahhhh, its mac&cheese!
    9. mac&cheese
      Time to start saving up to start a big collection! :)
    10. ShOcKwAvE1213
      I want to start collecting Alien and Predator figures. Just I'm 15, and have to save up for a long time if I want something:/
    11. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Sorry bro, didn't realize that you posted on your profile.

      Anyways, I really don't collect anything else. I mean I have a couple of Batman figures but that's it. What about you?
    12. mac&cheese
      Wow so looks like michaeal bay really brought in alot of people to tf. Its a really cool overall thing to watch and collect. Do you collect anything else?
    13. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Well, I didn't even know TF existed until the movies. From then I just loved it and started watching the G1 series, but I prefer the movies over everything. I've been collecting since 2007
    14. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Its the movies. What's your favorite character
    15. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Ya man I like that stuff though. Anyways are you a fan of the movieverse?
    16. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Oh haha yea I love Mac and cheese. Are you watching the weight or something?
    17. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Hey bro you got one sick avatar
    18. s_cren
      im interested in your fansproject bruticus set im looking to buy as soon as possible. Thanks
    19. Falconhood
      hey, is Catra a cool figure? i am debating getting her, but i've only 1 female, evil lyn, and not very fond of her...the lower legs, boots, are bent weird, like on wrong leg.
    20. autobotblaster
      im in new england for now, but in 2 months, ill be in florida for the next few years. i still collect, just not as much. Im mostly into anything awesome, i tend to pick up a few things from a few lines. but then i end up selling them lmao
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