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Nov 22, 2017
Nov 20, 2002
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Lupis Convoy

Paw Prince, 38

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Nov 22, 2017
    1. xither
    2. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Yeah, I think so. :lol

      If so, I walked up and probably shook your hand. I was wearing a long v-necked with brown and tan stripes. Were you wearing a shirt with your username on the sleeve?

      I also was the one who asked Wyatt what motivated him to make an Animated Vangleus, if that helps. :D (Funny story behind that, I did that because I thought I saw Vangelus in the front row, and I wanted to make sure it was him, so I decided to do something that would entice a reaction. :lol)
    3. Secretcode
      GAH! You popped my message cherry! GODDAMMIT Caminiti!
    4. Secretcode
      Glad you were able to record on (INSERT DAY HERE)

      Caminiti Returns to WTF@TFW!
    5. GogDog
      Are you still alive? I haven't heard your voice in weeks now. :(
    6. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      You'll have to point him out to me next year.
      Sounds like my kind of guy.
    7. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      I met some dude at TFcon that sounded just like you.
    8. GMfan101
      You can has all the Canadian luvin you want you hunk you :p
    9. GMfan101
      I met Lupis at TFcon 2009.....he gave me candy and patted my bottom....I took it as a compliment ;)

      Nice to meet you in person, come back next year for more merriment and drunken festivities. :D
    10. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      How are you? Nice talking to you the other day.
    11. Optimus62
      Hey, what's crackin Lupis? How's the new house treatin ya? I've been in my new house for about 2 weeks now and it's awesome!
    12. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      Hey, what's shakin?
    13. Optimus62
      Well, you guys deserve mad props for the pod cast. :rock I've listened to a few other podcasts and this one definately the best. The others are delivered in kind of dry and uninteresting matter. :( You guys have fun while doing the podcast and that makes a lot of difference.

      Well, I'm in process of buying a home as well. And I just found out today that we are going to close on this Friday, as long as everthing holds up, so I have my fingers crossed. I started a thread on this. If I close I will post pics of the new house.

      Later Lupis
    14. Optimus62
      Hey, Lupis! Like to say congrats on the new house. That's awesome! Really enjoy the podcast man, You and the guys are doing an excellent job. Always look forward to hearing them.
    15. DazzalingFury
      Sweeet! I'll stay tuned :)
    16. DazzalingFury
      Hi Ho! What's up Lupis? Enjoying your pocasts with Vangelus and the other guys. Awesome stuff!
    17. XJunky
      We good. Want to hang out on say...Saturday the 25th? Dinner-ish?
    18. XJunky
      Hi sexy guy. When do Lizz and I get to see more Lupis?
    19. TrickyDisco
      I have acquired large quantities of the official unofficial TFW2005 BotCon day-glo shotglasses.
    20. TrickyDisco
      Preferably while wearing the orange hawaiian shirts. It will be the TFW2005 invisible Ukulele squad!
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