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Nov 29, 2013
    1. plowking
      I've used Krylon Fusion for most of my stuff. For the finer things like detail work, Ive used everything from Testors Paint Pens to Tamiya and Model Masters Acrylics.
    2. plowking
      Ask as many questions that you can think of....don't be afraid to ask what people like to call a "dumb question" me the only "dumb question" is the one that isn't asked.
      Practice on a tf you don't care about or a junker first. If you have no junkers to practice on, hit the clearance section of any toy department, or a resale shop if there are any near you.
      Don't forget to prep the figure. Prep is 80% of the work in customizing....if prep is half-assed, then the paint will come out like crap.
      TF's dont like paint thinner. It ruins them. I use 91% alcohol to strip factory paint. The clear/translucent plastic that the TF's use don't like 91% alcohol, it will get brittle and break into several pieces. if you must, use 70% alcohol on clear/translucent plastic parts, it will strip the paint, and not harm the plastic.

      that's about all I can think of at the have any ?'s....just hit me up!!

      OH!...and the MOST important thing: Have Fun doing it!!
    3. plowking
      your siggy is too cute!!....made the wife and I :lol
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    Whoa man, that's like really AWESOME