Mar 6, 2013
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    1. Josuez5
      Believe me I am willing to help and do whatever it takes to bring or play this game once again and I really want to make a difference and help something, or at least have an update of the project so I really hope that you can answer this message.
    2. Josuez5
      I currently have a YouTube channel talking with more than 24 thousand subscribers, where on my channel I have all the content of transformers and believe me if you need help to have enough public in your offline transformers universe project, I can help you
    3. Josuez5
      and do not get me wrong I'm not saying that the game should come back in a multiplayer version, I'm just saying that get a offline version just like the one you were working on in 2015/2016 is something that is now perfectly legal and you can release it publicly
    4. Josuez5
      This can be seen with a great example as Need For Speed World is a game that was canceled in 2015, and now in full 2019 many of the fans have come back to life that game in its online mode and even including mods in the game without having any legal problem.
    5. Josuez5
      Let me tell you that at this time you would not have any kind of problem with the Jagex company about releasing an offline version to the public, the game was canceled more than 4 years ago and believe me, after 4 years since a software has been completely abandoned by a developer there are no legal problems with anyone involved in the game
    6. Josuez5
      Hello men, I hope you are well, I wanted to send you this message to ask you something that is killing me, the Transformers universe project in its offline version is still standing or is it true that you canceled it? because if it is the second option.
    7. lSoloStyll
      damn thats sux, but you can still recover even from a format using "Easy Recovery Pro".
      I've done it many times before and got all my data back from old drives.
      if your willing to try, i can send you a cracked Pro version of the software.
      and of course if you decide not to, you were my last hope

      i also sent a msg to that foreigner youtube user who had Pitstop once, but he hasnt responded and its been a while. let me know either way what you decide bro. Thanks for replying.
    8. ImmaBeAPaladin
      I'm sorry but I can't be of any help, I had recently done a reformat of my computer, I no longer have anything related to the TFU game, given that Jagex IP Banned me from the game a little after the exploiting debacle.
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