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Dec 7, 2022 at 4:31 PM
Jul 6, 2002
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Your ship just came in.


" I like the sea far away and the wind beneath my wings." Jun 10, 2017

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Viewing thread Legacy Deluxe Pointblank w/ Peacemaker, Dec 7, 2022 at 4:31 PM
    1. ProfessionalIcee
      Fans Hobby Red Buzzer - worth it?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ProfessionalIcee
        I’ve never owned any Masterpiece style figures, I like Headmasters, I really fell in love with Siren for some reason, and it’s one of the cheapest figures I’ve found.
        The headmaster (probably) won’t bother me much, and I like most of the design choices, so I may save up some for next year, unless a Black Friday sale happens.
        Nov 15, 2022
      3. ProfessionalIcee
        I’d also heard bad things about their Minerva but feel more confident about my choice now. Hopefully I can still afford SS86 Snarl…
        Nov 15, 2022
      4. LoserBroadside
        By all accounts the Siren mold is much better than their Minerva mold. I’ve been pretty happy with it, overall.
        Nov 16, 2022
    2. ProfessionalIcee
      Best Friend!
      1. LoserBroadside
        Jun 24, 2022
    3. Fallout
      1. LoserBroadside
        ...in bed.
        Jan 13, 2020
    4. LoserBroadside
      " I like the sea far away and the wind beneath my wings."
    5. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Ah, I see...well, no worries then. I made sure to grab a business card the last time I was there, so I can always just call like you said. Thanks for giving it to me straight-- I appreciate it all the same.
    6. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Hello there, friend. I don't mean to be a pest, but would it be too much trouble to send me a message once you know for sure that the FOC wave 2 stuff is in? I'd appreciate it, but it's certainly not necessary. Thanks all the same.
    7. mrgalvaprime
      I'm sorry. I Acidently inferred from the conversation that was what you were doing. Sorry if ive offended you or anything, i just jumped to conclusions
    8. Fallout
      ah. it makes sense, it certainly does look that way.
    9. mrgalvaprime
      Can you please stop insulting Zac's method of sigging. How exactly does it effect you in any way? All it does is make you look petty
    10. Fallout
      what part of G1 sandstorm's engineering do you like so much?

      ... is it the resemblance to a small child wearing a beanie?
    11. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      smells good in here
    12. ORIO
      ya should post more! I miss your sigs!
    13. Kickback
      I miss your sex.
    14. ORIO
    15. LoserBroadside
      Greetings Visitor! Welcome to my Profile! I do hope you enjoy your stay! Try a muffin! How was your trip? Good? Muffin? By all means, make yourself comfortable! Can I get you a mmuffin? No? Ha ha, we do have discerning taste, don't we? So, yes, tell me all about your travels. Spare no detail, no matter how ghoulish! Muffin? Hm? Oh yes, that is a painting of my Great Great Grandfather Nevil. Legandary explorer. Met his end at the wrong end of a rhino, I dare say. Nasty business. Can I interest you in a muffin? Are you sure? They're quite good. No? Alright then. If you look to your left, there's a portrait of- Muffin? No? Look, I'm offering you a muffin, the least you can do is take it. Take it! Eat the muffin! MUFFIN! EAT THE MUFFIN! MUFFIN! MUFFIN!!!MUFFIN MUFFIN MUFFIN!!!
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