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Dec 2, 2018
Jun 25, 2011
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The Weirding Way

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Dec 2, 2018
    1. lordjaga777
      Well, Here's to next year :)
    2. DJW107PRIME
      Nice job getting your stuff off hold. Yeah I was lucky and I was able to get 1984 Kreo set a min or two before they sold out all thanks to my wife. This was kinda of a rough hunt/camp out, you did well. I wish I could say this was my worst but I don't think anything will ever top my campaign for SDCC Bruticus in 2012 that was excruciatingly frustrating and miserable for me. Hopefully we'll have this good of luck come 2015, though honestly I'd be a lil relieved if they didn't have anything I wanted next year!:p
    3. lordjaga777
      Hey :) thanks so much I really appreciate it! I hope you got what you wanted as well :) I just found out they put a hold on my order but I called and gave them the info they wanted so hopefully no issues.
    4. DJW107PRIME
      Out of all the people in the SDCC hunt I'm glad you got what you wanted you really deserved a win this year.
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