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Sep 21, 2017
    1. Hazekiah
      Oh, and MY PLEASURE, btw! I hate seeing someone making good points but getting shit on so much (been there myself PLENTY of times!), so I was glad to help. And thank YOU for suggesting I take it down a notch, btw. I'll stand by anything I said but, between you and me, I actually totally was drunkposting and just being a surly bastard there, lol. Our secret! ;)
    2. Hazekiah
      Haha, THANKS! I'm actually a really big fan of Marilyn Manson and he always embeds TONS of clever references and stuff like that in everything he does, so I think that kinda helped train me to spot it, actually. Honestly, I've always just gotten a MASSIVE kick out of dissecting artwork of all types and figuring out what's going on beneath the surface. I listen compulsively to every single commentary track and watch all the behind-the-scenes/making-of stuff I can find, too. As an aspiring filmmaker/writer/artist myself I feel like its almost a free college education in the subjects I love the most PLUS it makes me love the movies and stuff all the more so it's a TOTAL WIN/WIN, w00t! Anyway, thanks again for the kind words, it's really MUCH appreciated!
    3. Lord Tron
      Lord Tron
      you mean like a kid if so than unless it's done very well and he is not forced into the main character role maybe sorry for the long wait but the negativity here can sometime suck out your sole like a dementor LOL
    4. AshleyCuadra
      Hot rod NO he's not what I'm talking about it's another autobot that is way younger than the adults
    5. AshleyCuadra
      I don't mean to bug about this um do you think optimus and arcee's personality's in IDW and the tv show are good together and do you think that there should be a transformers character that is young and in training
    6. AshleyCuadra
      Are you a transformers Generation 1 fan originally
    7. AshleyCuadra
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