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crush/destroy, Male, from NC

::[away]:: Apr 2, 2019

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    1. lookinglasself
    2. Zyros
      Hey, just wanted to see if you shipped the figure... Saw you logged on today but you didnt reply to my message. :s
    3. blsbranded
      Hey, just wanted to see if you shipped my figures and if I could get a tracking number...
    4. blsbranded
      Sent you an offer yesterday....just making sure you received it.
    5. AutobotAssassin
      hey buddy, I need an update on
      Astrotrain, have you shipped yet?
    6. NemesisRhyme
      Sweet, thanks!
    7. Gatchaman
      hey, I just found 2 wreckgars & a perceptor @ Ross's & it gave me an idea. I still have that wreckgar from riteaid. I could go buy a random Gen figure from wallyworld and return that figure to riteaid (sb same skew, same line) and then u could vet wreckgar for the WM cost + shipping? of course itsmore than Ross's, but better than riteaid. let me know if u don't find one @ Ross and want to do that.
    8. Gatchaman
      Yeah, it is pricey for a deluxe, they had Tomahawk too and even though I don't have him, I left him. I paid $18 for my Classics Prowl & Sunstreaker @ Rite aid, but that was after they had been out of retail for a while...
      I have 2 loose ones so I will probably take this one back unless you want me
      to hold onto him for a little while, or is that just more
      than you want to pay (like $24 with shipping I'd guess)?
      No worries either way, just let me know.

    9. Gatchaman
      guess what I found at rite aid? WRECK GAR! Unf he was at rite aid so he's $19.20 with tax. I'll probably keep him if you don't want him.
    10. Gatchaman
      I forgot, I did get a HA Leadfoot, about a week and a half ago. I
      am not huge into DOTM, but I am into the human alliance line and I bought the ultimate OP (coupon & discount, got it for $52 + tax from Kmart).
    11. Gatchaman
      it's funny but now that ppl aren't asking anymore, I'm seeing Grapples all over the place... I haven't seen anything other than animated activators bb that I bought for my almost 3 years old son. he can transform it to bot mode and then proudly exclaim "I turn bumblebee robot!" followed by a request to "turn car pwease"
      I did get a WM exclusive starry starry night voyager OP for $10 and I'm going to swap
      out some pRte between it and original hftd voyager. & I picked up cyb Optimus Primal & RID Bruticus from my local comic book shop. really want a PCC heavy tread rt now, but haven't seen anything new for a couple weeks, not since mp Rodimus'@'TRU. still no perceptor for u, I keep looking.. funny how that last wave of Gen/ rts is now shelfwarming and the prior wave has turned out to be scarce.
    12. Gatchaman
      cool, I'm glad he found one for you, I wasn't having any luck. I'll keep my eyes peeled for wreckgar to hit the discounters
    13. 46+2
      Trying to see what I'm willing to part with.
    14. openchallenge
      You obviously shop in the same area, I've never found grapple, wrek-gar, or perceptor either. I found laser prime yesterday. I was wondering if you hid it. I hope we come across a lot of wrek-gars because the robot mode looks good on the altmode. That could be why we never saw it too. There are a lot of lurkers in wilm. Makes me not want to post finds as much since they can't be bothered. I'll pm you a spot to check.
    15. openchallenge
      Ah, ok. I saw your sales thread. You can never tell from that though because a lot of guys here are making room for more :) by universe starscream you mean the second classics release that's white right? That's a toughy. I found a second copy finally in Canada and the kid went oooh! I want that! So I had to buy it for him. That was over a year ago and have not seen one since. Try junkion or eBay.
    16. openchallenge
      Btw, I did check for ss today. If I see it, it's in your hands.
    17. openchallenge
      You stashed the wheeljack too well for me to find :) but the tcs where a must. Lmk I'll be around town all weekend anyway. Thanks for the tip! I'm hoping to find grapple, preceptor, and the legends.
    18. openchallenge
      Sweet im headed up there now haha I maybe we should exchange #s if you're gonna stash stuff.
    19. openchallenge
      Hey, hope all is well. I've been beyond busy but I did stop by one of my classics 2.0 spots on your behalf. No dice, just galvatron and sunstreaker. I know Ive seen him lingering because I have to stop myself. He's a fave of mine and I already have a spare. lmk if you get one.
    20. openchallenge
      Ok, I'll keep an eye out for ss. I'm looking for maybe a spare hound. Grappel, or probably rts finally ending up at marshals or tjmax. It looks like retail only wants the movie stuff and rts has to end up somewhere.
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