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    1. NSP
    2. DeletedUser_85176
      could you remove my "Please Help If Possible!!" thread? I've copied (and added) the information in my other want ad.
    3. mysticknight
      g'day, i put an ad for a Big Powered Giftset recently. Has it been taken off?
      Is it because i added an email address?
    4. G1 Tracks
      G1 Tracks
      Hi mate; can you please change my salestopic title? Defensor instead of Bruticus in title. Thanks a lot!!!
    5. peaugh jr2
      peaugh jr2
      what's an infraction?
    6. Lord Astrotrain
      Lord Astrotrain
      yes i do! he's got his perch on my alarm clock. :tongue:
    7. ersico
      wow...thanks for the info.. :)
    8. ersico
      hi, random question, but what is that fig in your avatar? i really like that
    9. Transfan2
      Hi Liokaiser,
      Just wondering how you have been. :)
    10. headrobots
      hey hector, check this profile for a cobra mode shot
    11. BairdimusPrime
      Please if possible can you change my under 10 sale to "best offer last chance b4 ebay sale"?? Thanks!
    12. DrBifford
      Hi, can you help a unemployed (fired) man out? I have the 2 cels of Rodimus Prime, vehicle and robot mode signed by Dick Gautier up on ebay now. I would like to know if you could put this on the front page? I need to pay the mortgage or these WOULD NOT BE FOR SALE.
      Dan Jordan
    13. Hotspot17
      Sorry, I'm on-call that weekend. So I can't leave town.
    14. Transfan2
      Hey Liokaiser,
      Hope you are doing well & Hope you are having a good start to your 2010 year.
      How are ya? / Are you going to Botcon 2010? (just wondering/just checking, pal).
      Have a good day/year,
    15. Superquad7
      "Hard" is one thing, expense is another. I'm sure you know this as well as me, but there are several G1 figures that I'll end up paying less for getting complete than to piece meal them out. I have a set of Decepticon Clones, for example, with no accessories, but it'll be cheaper for me to just get a complete set rather than piece meal the accessories out.

      I'm not really in a position to make said purchase anyways :( Hopefully in 2010, I'll be able to restart getting back on the G1 list :) I certainly appreciate all of the help you've given me so far (Chromedome still thanks you!) :)
    16. Superquad7
      Yeah, I've been in your thread window shopping for it for some time now. How hard would it be to complete it? Money's always the issue with me :lol
    17. Superquad7
      Oh that's good stuff, bud! I found new Legends toys tonight. Wheelie and Soundwave both really rock! A friend of mine from our NC group here and I went out tonight and hit paydirt! Fun times, man :)

      I'm hoping to get back into G1 again here soon. I'm so close to finishing off the US run, yet still so far :lol After that, I'd like to get a few token figures I've been pining after, like Overlord. I have no intention of completing Japan or Euro runs of G1, but a few figures I'd really like to have!
    18. Superquad7
      Hey dude, what's new on your end of things, TF or otherwise?
    19. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      How's it going, we bumped into one another briefly at a toy show recently.
    20. SpencimusPrime
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