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Thanks dude! I think I'll pass though! :) Jan 26, 2017

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May 19, 2024 at 10:37 PM
    1. Fallout
      hey man, i saw you're planning on returning your takara lockdown and was wondering if you're based in the US? i might want it lol
    2. LigerPrime
      Whoa!? I got a news credit?! I'm geeking out! I need to check the front page now!!!
    3. Underwear
      Gratz on your first news credit
    4. eagc7
      Is it confirmed that [SPOILER]
      didn't make it? Darn...I was hoping we could see [SPOILER]
      in the next movie.
      In the 25 moments X-Men Viral website its mentioned that Warren died in a protest, which was erased thanks to this film so he's alive.

      the Angel that is still dead and the one that was mentioned to be dead in the film itself was the girl with the insect wings from First Class
    5. LigerPrime
      Ah thanks for the post! I appreciate it! I hope we'll see a movie on them. I'm kinda cheesed off that they killed off some of the cast of the first class movie.
    6. eagc7
      So how did it Logan get back his adamantium back at the beginning? He was left only with his bone claws yes?
      in an interview before the release, i think it was Bryan Singer, he said that Magneto put back the adamatium on Logan claws in the gap betwen Wolverine and DOFP
    7. LigerPrime
      LOL! Other stuff I collect are Marvel Legends, DC Universe, DC Direct, 12 inch figures, Soul of Chogokin, Masters of the Universe Classics, WWE Classics/Legends! :)
    8. Ezilla82
      No prob. Besides in a cool way we both like Hulk, Godzilla, and Transformers. Don't know what else, but I won't judge.
    9. LigerPrime
      Ohhh, I believe I was a fan of the toys around that age also. I recall my father bring me to watch a re-run of the original Star Wars movie and I was so amazed by the StormTroopers, light saber lights and the ships.

      I can't believe you called Boba Fett a brat! Growing up, he was the coolest character in the SW universe next to...Darth Vader of course. :)

      Don't get me wrong about stickers, I like the experience but I really am in trouble if the stickers go onto curved will bother me to no end! Haha!
    10. SydneyY
      My younger son has been a SW fan since he's 4! (he is 10 now) In my opinion, Clone Wars cartoon is getting more gloomy....I haven't watched all episodes, but I can definitely recommend it! Cartoon style has changed as well. Only thing I detest is the brat Boba Fett.
      Those vintage card series are very nice. Son and I only bought a few but I love seeing them on the shelves :)

      I'm all for stickers! To be honest I'm horrible at applying them, but a kid in me just can't leave them alone. Minicons are fun if you like those.
    11. SydneyY
      Sorry I didn't see your reply! (If you click "view conversation under this message you'll be taken to our conversation page - I'll get notifications if you reply :))

      My Star Wars collection hasn't grown at all... my son is buying Clone Wars (TV series) toys, but the quality seems to be going downhill :( I'm going to buy a new Lego SW set though (the one that comes with sarlacc pit)
      No new TFP toys for me. The distribution here is horrible. I have a few early releases though. It's hard to keep myself interested.
    12. LigerPrime
      Whoa! ? What did I do to deserve such praise?! LOL! Anyway, I try my best to be nice and help others because IMO this is the best toy board I've come across. Most of the posters here do their best to help out. E.g. answering questions, fulfilling picture requests.

      Sure, once in awhile there will be bound to be posters who lack tact but just ignore them and things will be fine.

      As for my nick...its named after a Lion/Tiger hybrid and since I can be rather forgetful with nicks, I chose it. :)
    13. LCDR Blindside
      LCDR Blindside
      Man, you are a really nice person! I love reading your optimistic posts. Not to mention you username is pretty darn cool.
    14. LigerPrime
      I've been swamped by work lately or rather the last 8-9 busy that I couldn't appreciate the toys I've been buying.

      I've been buying Star Wars, G.I Joes (anniversary line), Robot Tamashii, Ultra Act and SH Fguarts and other action figures. But I'm done with Star Wars as I managed to get the figures and vehicles I want. For example, the Tauntauns. I'm holding out for a new improved Boba Fett's Slave-1.

      I've only started gong back into Transformers lately but just to catch up on the movie toys. I'm starting to appreciate the movie designs despite initial not liking them. Well, only like Leader Class Optimus! :)

      I bought a couple of TF: Prime figures also. I also bought the TakaraTomy ones but I'm bad at pasting stickers so I got the Hasbro ones instead. So you'll be seeing me alot on the TF toy discussion.

      What about you? What have you been buying? Also TF:Prime toys?
    15. SydneyY
      I'm not really into Joes much, my interest is very superficial. Nonetheless I was looking forward to seeing the new figures from Retaliation (and the movie itself) :(
      How have you been? :)
    16. LigerPrime
      Thanks! Growing up, those 2 were the biggest movie icons ever! I wished we could have seen them in the movies in their prime! :D
    17. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Awesome avatar! My childhood just exploded
    18. LigerPrime
      Sorry - you lost me? What's that? LOL!
    19. rizuan76
      Thanks for yr advice abt the decals, you're a godsend bro.

      Btw my cousin brother sister in-law on my father's mother side of my godfather family is selling his TFA Bulkhead for $600 USD. Very rare in the market now bro.

      You interested? Just giving u first dibs & heads-up that's all. Cheers! :D
    20. SydneyY
      Hey, I've just read your post in ninety's bday thread I made. Have you been well? I see our last conversation was in January!
      (Please click "view conversation" link to type your message so that our conversation shows up in my page, too. If you will talk to me, that is :D)
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