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Thanks dude! I think I'll pass though! :) Jan 26, 2017

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Viewing thread The G.I. Joe Thread, Jun 21, 2024 at 9:26 AM
    1. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Umm is Simon's wake held in Spore of Pg? Are you attending?
      1. LigerPrime
        Yup it was. Attended already.
        May 21, 2019
    2. LigerPrime
      Thanks dude! I think I'll pass though! :)
    3. Arale
    4. LigerPrime
      No problem dude - glade I could help out a fellow collector.

      I hope this experience doesn't turn off collecting. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask me - if I can assist you, I will. :)
    5. froggy124
      If it is in fact a bootleg, I may cutomize it. If not, it'll be an interesting piece to the collection.
      Though it does look like being a fake, the pain on the lizard stand isn't as well painted as the original, judging from the photos.

      Sometimes we get sellers get from overseas who use Yahoo Auction as an outlet to sell products which they do not always say is genuine or not if the buyer doesn't ask.
      But seeing as the price was very reasonable, I did not bother to.

      Thank you again for all your help!
    6. LigerPrime
      Yeah for 500 yen, its a very reasonable price. If the quality is good - I would keep it too.

      There's been a lot of 'factory leaks' from China toy factories in the last few years but they're mostly 'loose' and not in any packaging.

      Another factor to consider (that the figure is a boot-leg) is that the original release of this figure was even before Toy Biz started the Marvel Legends series.

      I'm just amazed that a boot-leg figure can be found in Japan...the collectors and sellers there have a fantastic reputation of dealing with only genuine items.
    7. froggy124
      Yeah, that's right, I'm aware of that version which is why i was interested in seeing this one.

      Yes, I live in Japan and Yahoo auction is only one of very few places to find current and old ML figures. I came across this and thought it looked a little off. But since it was only 500 yen I decide to pick it up. I guess once it is shipped to me, I can further inspect it.
    8. LigerPrime
      Dude...that figure and the Lizard display was released in a different packaging years ago.

      Other than that I have never seen them in that packaging before.

      The only possibilities are:

      i) unreleased or limited
      ii) boot-leg - most likely as the front is the movie but the back is the original classics release.

      From the auction, it seems you bought it from Japan? Japanese sellers rarely sell fact, I dare say this is the first time I'll come across such an incident. It could be possible that the seller unknowingly bought a KO? You won it at 500 yen?
    9. froggy124

      Here is a link to the auction I won.
      It has pictures if you scroll down.
    10. LigerPrime
      Sorry dude, I need to see pictures for me to ascertain if its not a KO or bootleg.
    11. froggy124
      Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.
      I'm sorry for the bad explanation.
      What I have in hand or will be getting in the mail soon is a series two spiderman classics battle ravaged spiderman.
      But this particular one does not come with the comic and does not come in the traditional packaging.
      It is packaged in the toybiz first movie spiderman packaging.
      The figure itself or the actual sculpt, head sculpt, placement of rips and scars are the classics series 2 version battle ravaged spiderman. However the texture of the costume is the Sam raimi spideman.
      The base is also the the same base as the series two classics, the one with the lizard.
      It just seems like an odd piece to me and wondered if you knew anything about this figure.
      Could it be a KO?
      Thank you for your help
    12. LigerPrime
      No problem, glad I could be of help!

      May I know what you mean by ID-ing a figure? Do you want me to confirm of its 'existence'? If so, such a figure does exist but I need a pic or link to confirm the figure.

      With regards to the movie Spidey that you saw - was it the Sam Raimi movies? If so, Toy Biz did produced a 'battled damaged' version based on the final battle with the Green Goblin.

      I can't remember if I owned it because honestly it's been so long. But I remember that the Toy Biz movie Spidey(s) had this 'textured' body.

      The 'battle damaged' movie Spidey's head sculpt had the majority of Peter's face revealed - both his eyes and mouth...something which I disliked. Its a good sculpt but I felt that there was too 'much' of Peter's face...I would prefer maybe half of the mask.
    13. froggy124
      Hi LigerPrime
      Thank you for helping me out with the Fearsome Foes question I had! You seem pretty knowledgeable about ML and I was wondering if you could help me ID a figure.
      It looks like the old Spiderman Classics Battle ravaged SM but the packaging is the first movie and the texture on SM is like the movie costume but with Classic body.
      Thanks for your time!
    14. LigerPrime
      Oh dude! No worries about it! I'm not offended at all! In fact, I realized that the information provided didn't have enough details.
    15. Sideswipe80
      Oh no I didn't mean that in a sarcastic way. I meant to say thanks for the all the other info you gave us as well. Sorry if it came off that way :(
    16. LigerPrime
      LOL! Thanks for posting the picture! Is that a toy of the 'young' T-rex? I didn't see that version on my country when the line was released.
    17. Beastwarsfan95
      [IMG]Tyrannosaurus (medium blue)

      the largest KNOWN T. rex is female, that doesn't mean this was a rule for the species. ;)
    18. LigerPrime
      Thanks! Based on the tips you have been giving me I have decided to re-visit some of older kits that I have and improve on them!

      I can't paint or fix them as good as yours or the others but I feel really satisfied with the improvements! :)
    19. Hadlen_Weltall
      Glad I can help with hobby tips! Never hesitate to ask me or anybody in the Gunpla thread if you ever need more advice!
    20. LigerPrime
      Sorry dude, I'm living in Singapore. My apologies once again!
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