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    1. SydneyY
      just posted in the MP book thread. I feel bad not to meet their expectations :(
    2. Sam
      Pretty sure people in that MP Book thread didn't see your interpretation of MP-22's transformation based on just a couple of photos. They wouldn't be saying 'ha, physics!' if they had!
    3. Underwear
      Hmm..interesting convo there with RedAlert
    4. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      So they don't have Starters or side dishes listed... do you mean in Norway or India ? That seems like the whole point of many elements of Indian (probably really banglidesh) cooking as it's sold in restaurants in the UK - I bet one of those old fashioned Raj era hotels would sell the British idea of Indian food.. Some of it was invented with British influence like Mulligatawny soup for example.

      Did you see the Rick Stein in India TV show ? - I found that for the most part quite interesting.
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      It's like the difference between Chicken Tikka (dry meat) and Chicken Tikka Masala (in a spice "Gravy") it's the same sort of thing it's a way of cooking a chicken *usually whole or in quarters* that involves a 5 spice marinade and as I said it's often got yoghurt in it... and the dominant flavour note is Aniseed and it's not sticky like the pork dipping sauce - but is a little bit like it in that it burn when cooking and is also red.
      Unfortunately I don't know what part of China it's from but I suspect it's Cantonese.
      I was also looking for something in Oyster sauce as an alternative they didn't have that either. I think I must have some very region specific Chinese restaurants or something as that's the second one I've tried the last time I Had it was in a small town called Claire... I'm going to make it my mission to find it now - or find if it has another name... Thanks for the tip I'll cross check the char Sui receipts against the ones I have.
    6. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      It contains (off the top of my head very similar ingredient to Chicken Tikka oddly - only with out the Tomatoes - It's flavour is very distinct as it contains aniseed & Fenugreek / Chinese 5 spice and sometime Senchuan Pepper.
      It's a very deep red colour and it can be a dry rub, a wet marinade (often made into a paste wit corn flower) or quite often a yoghurt marinade. You wife might know it as "5 Spice Chicken" or "Chinese Style Chicken" it's also sometime used as the underpinning of a piri piri or chilli heavily spiced variation - the best way to identify it is that it seal the chicken very much when it cooks it tends to go slightly blackened at the edges and is very bright dark crimson colour, when eating it the edges of the meat is stained pink and the meat is pure white almost as if it's been boiled. I think the one they were trying pass off on me was a Soy based sauce a wet "Gravy" I know the one they mean it's a bit like black bean sauce with a lot of soy in it.
    7. Oshboggy
      You are a smart engineer-guy. Rock on with that technical thing you do like in the MP-22 thread.
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