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    1. kaijuguy19
      Thanks. :) They are and I've done my own art show yesterday at
      NYC. It's theme is creatures and spirits from folklore.

      Cool. :)
    2. kaijuguy19
      Pretty good. Doing some paintings.

      Ok. :)
    3. kaijuguy19
    4. kaijuguy19
      Read and commented. :)
    5. kaijuguy19
      You're welcome. :)
    6. kaijuguy19
    7. kaijuguy19
      I've just read it. :)
    8. kaijuguy19
    9. kaijuguy19
      Nice. :) I'll be sure to check it out soon.
    10. kaijuguy19
      Yeah I like her as well. She's also pretty cool in the IDW comics and you might like that version too should you get around reading the IDW TF comics.
    11. kaijuguy19
      I see. Been a while since I've seen TFP and the Predacons Rising movie so I don't remember everything.

      So are there any things you do like about RID15?
    12. kaijuguy19
      As for Unicron's spark on Earth instead of the jar like you've mentioned perhaps it was some remnants of his spark left on Earth? I could be wrong but that's one explanation I can think of.

      I didn't mind how Optimus is presented here so far. He still is the big mentor to Bee and the others like he should be but I like how he's faced with some of the more supernatural elements during his time with the 13.

      It's been said by the people behind the show themselves that we'll see more of the TFP cast show up around season 2 along with more Dinobots likely Grimlock's old teammates. So it'll be interesting to see how some of the TFP characters like Arcee fared after the events of TFP and maybe we could see Megatron himself show up later on.

      So that's my thoughts on RID15 so far and like I said before I'm liking it so far. Sorry to hear you're not a fan of it. I do get that this is a show that not everyone's going to dig for a lot of reasons.
    13. kaijuguy19
      I'm liking the series so far though I'm not as into it as I was in Prime. I am liking some of the new elements of what RID15 is bringing so far like the many different Cybertronian species for example which I think is a pretty creative idea not done often in the franchise. I'm liking that Bumblebee has way more to do here then he was on Prime character wise.Strongarm is cool too as well as Windblade and I'm warming up to Grimlock. Also Steeljaw so far is a neat villain that reminds me a little like BW Megatron in a way.

      That said some of the points you do bring up like why is Megatronus is said to be the first Decepticon despite him being around way longer then Autobots and Decepticons that have yet to exist by that time. It's not like in the movies where the Fallen is actually the reason why the Decepticons were born to begin with so it made better sense why he's a Decepticon there.
    14. kaijuguy19
    15. kaijuguy19
      Saw and red it. :)
    16. kaijuguy19
    17. kaijuguy19
    18. kaijuguy19
      Guess it's getting to be popular. :)
    19. kaijuguy19
      Congrates. :)
    20. Primewave
      I drink a lot of water every day. I drink the maximum of 64 ounces a day at the very least. I am trying to go off of drinking a lot of soda
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