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legolas grof

Cardboard Industries CEO

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Aug 10, 2018
    1. eagc7
      Ah Okay, well If the Movies was never released Here then i would not know transformers lol, but since they released the film here then im here lol

    2. TFcollecterguy
      You sayin' he ain't from Guatamala.
    3. TFcollecterguy
      Why you hatin'?
    4. eagc7
      I DO live in guatemala
    5. Nerdicon
      Why thank you. Apparently someone else made one at the same time, so i'm not sure if it was mine or the other guy's that was mentioned in the podcast.
    6. swampert123
      I really do like these guys. They look more mechanical like, cooler weapons except what I don't like is that like the main (ex. Bumblebee) characters have these huge uneeded weapons. one of the bumblebee's even looks like it's fat and big. Thats really the only thing I don't like. Then the Optimus looks epic in his alt. mode becuase of the trailer. Really reminds me of Cybertron Optimus. You know how the trailer makes up his super mode.
    7. Surge
      Yeah sure. :D Can you put Soundwave on the left side and Warpath on the right? I dunno what to have for text. Thank you very much btw. :)
    8. Superquad7

      Thanks so much for being interested in my work; it's very much appreciated! Always feel free to post in a project thread of mine, even if they're years old. If nothing else, it makes me go back through the thread and make sure things are in order :)
    9. Superquad7
      I'm pretty partial to this one: REV - Alternators - Binaltech Customs - TFW2005.COM (comment thread:

      Each one of my own customs has a special place for me, though. Here's what I've uploaded to the gallery: Tag Album: Superquad7 - Transformers Customs - TFW2005.COM

      You can find some of my project threads just by using the search function in Radicons with "Alternators" as the key word and "Superquad7" as the thread author : wink:
    10. Superquad7
      Of my own work, of all of customs, or overall in toys?
    11. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Thanks, man! :)
      ^Yes, agreed that $45 is slightly on the steep side. But keep in mind that prices here for Leader Class figs are around Ringgit Malaysia (My currency RM270), which in terms of conversion to USD is just about right (USD $1 = RM3.04) aka USD$90 x 3.04. Id take the mark up in the price of shipping to have him two months or so earlier than his planned release sometime in May 2011.

    12. Cliff_prime
      Hey S up , sorry I didn't use your signature but I have use it as my new desktop wallpaper.
      Once again thank you for the signature
    13. eagc7
      Oh yeah i forgot abotu breakaway!
    14. eagc7
      Because their Toys Were Made Before They were Cut, They Began doing the toys last year And the twins if what nelson say is true were removed this year, whatever or not they are in the film Hasbro still will release toys of them, it already happened!

      Movie 1 arcee was Meant to be i nthe film but was repalced by Ironhide but got a toy
      Movie 1 Wreckage was meant to be in the film but was removed but got a toy

      ROTF Springer was meant to be in the film but was removed but got a toy
      ROTF Depthcharge was meant to be in the film but was removed but got a toy
      ROTF Ransack was meant to be in the film but was removed but got a toy

      plsu we have toys of non-movie characters :P
    15. eagc7
      sooooooooo is this evidence towrds mudflap being in dotm?
      Mudflap was seen on set Multiple times so we are already knew he is or was (if what nelson says is true) in DOTM
    16. Tony_Bacala
    17. Gears
      no someone else did.
    18. MTME
      it's not dude it's dudette
    19. Cliff_prime
      That fan fucking tastic Legolas thank you very much.
    20. einis
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