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Dec 18, 2020
Apr 29, 2004
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Queen of Cybertron

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Dec 18, 2020
    1. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      i'm such a shameless rip off of you :(
    2. oddobot
      Hey hope you're well
    3. CyclonuS_ZerO
      Been awhile since we've chatted metal, gonna leave this here for ya. ENJOY!!!! \m/(>_<)\m/
      ICED EARTH - Plagues Of Babylon (Lyric Video) - YouTube
    4. mac&cheese
      I did cut down on my sideshow statues collecting. Each one was averaging 400.00 to 800.00 each. In one year I spent close to 80k. So imagine the space these takes up. Errrr... Hey but I will buy the he-man statue from pcs. I just loved motu, transformers, thundercats, she ra, voltron, and GI Joe. Those are the times! Btw I really want to get on day of sale some more figures like castaspella. But still debating hard on not to overkill. How about you? Are you. Buying anymore motu on the day of sale? I also love that rabbit villain coming out. Then two bad, strong arm, border troopers! Wow I'm getting carried away already. ..... Must slow down and think first. Lol ... Note: I type this letter it was too big to send so I split it up.
    5. mac&cheese
      I did get granamyr! Wow! I love how big he is. Box art is very nice! I didn't open him up yet because I'm just loving the box art. Lol! But so glad I got him right before he sold out. I don't see him going for any less. I YouTube the toy and he looks so nice! I will open this when space comes up. Im waiting for castle greyskull to arrive to display him next to my. Castle. Only thing I'm missing is the sorceress. I hope they make a 2.0 version for her soon. I also love she ra's universe as well. I wished we can get a cystal castle and snake mountain as well! Wow imagine that!
    6. Dormamu
      Got confirmation. Shipping and everything. Any updates on your backorder for Soundwave?
    7. mac&cheese
      Hi there! Is granamyr now sold out? I don't see him on the site anymore? Wow so glad I placed an order for him! :D come on! It's granamyr!!!!!
    8. Dormamu
    9. mac&cheese
      Hi ah! I always loved granamyr! I saw the low stock left so I sucked up shipping and ordered. To be real if we love motu how can we skip this epic character right? Lol. I'm not sorry I sold away many collectibles. But these are the ones I must keep to remind me of the good o,d 80s toons! I also ordered a gray skull. Will wish for a 2.0 sorceress someday to fit I to the chair. That is the one I really want to add to the castle. Will you get a greyskull? It's so nice. Love the box art on it as well. I'm going collect some motu again without going way over board. Lol my lesson learn is don't overkill any line by over collecting. That's a bad habit now I finally learn.
    10. smkspy
      Ha, he looks great, but I haven't. I don't even remember him from cartoon, I've been able to hold out this time around. Though post some pics in the thread after you get him!
    11. Dormamu
      Just looking at the 'backorder' status on my order is making me more upset by the minute. It's not that the order hasn't been cancelled on me. It's that they obviously can't get it together to fulfill the items that we've paid for. And the fact that this is one figure that was being split between myself and another board member makes me more upset for the other person I've gotten involved in this.
    12. mac&cheese
      Lol yes shadow weaver I missed as well. Im going to pass on her since space is getting tight now., I hope we both will have a good expierence with the subs. I sold off almost 50 figures of this line a year ago. But now I still want a few back. I might try to get a few from the she ra line. I do want a Angela, castaspella, well the rebellions main members.
      I do also want the coming He-man 1/4 statues, including he an, beast man and evil Lynn so far. Im still thinking about getting a g1 encore fort max. Did you get that one? It was one I never got way back. He looks o nice!
    13. mac&cheese
      Yes this is my first sub. So excited for it. I'm still new to subbing for this line. Hope it's a good expierence. I wonder what the next characters will be for this sub? They said there will be one rare figure. Hmmm who can it be?
      I do have a Castle greyskull on PO. It was the second chance price at 275.00. But I reLly like it. Price was a bit high for what we get. Oh well, when sdcc comes up I'm sure it will be good. I still also need a sorceress for my castle. Btw did you order Octavia?
    14. Dark Skull
    15. CyclonuS_ZerO
      Merry XMas brosephina! XD
    16. Dark Skull
      Dark Skull
      LOL your inbox is full :tongue:
      first things first,starscream fan to i see.luv the avatar.which ones do ya have?,i only have 8,but my collections growing,i have a lot more other toys too,my 2 gems are the prime fe scream & the 25th ann universe scream....
    18. Fallout
      hey there.
    19. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Are you in for the new Masterpiece Starscream? I'm thinking it looks pretty damn good!
    20. Liokaiser
      I'm doing good. I'm still collecting here myself. How that Starscream collecting going for you? Did you get the Leader class Starscream? That's an awesome piece right there. I just got one for $19.99. :D
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