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Aug 13, 2013
    1. eagc7
      There was going to be one but FF 2 flopped so they haven't really done anything with the Fantastic Four lately.
      never said they're doing one right now, i said if they make one it would be part of Fox continuity

      and they're doing a new Fantastic Four movie in Spring 2015, its a reboot and part of the X-Men continuity
    2. eagc7
      Transformers: Beast Hunters
      Beast hunters is apperatly the title of season 3, not a new show
    3. eagc7
      Ironhide was removed because they developed a bruiser type character with a soft heart and decided Bulkhead fit this role better.
      Nope, according to this it was due to ironhide death TRANSFORMERS PRIME toy featurette PART 1 - YouTube

      but also it could be possible it was a mixture of both reasons aswell
    4. Kaymac
      I already saw the episode, thanks to a new media player I downloaded, but thank you. :)
      Also, I don't think it's Hasbro that reports them, but rather trolls that pose as Hasbro. Maybe it's a combo of both?
    5. Paxtin
      Thank ye.
    6. TylerMirage
      :lol Well, it's not like I do anything else with my summer besides sit on my bottom and watch TV and movies. ;) I'll give 'em a shot. Plus, five episodes can be done in like, an hour. So I might as well.

      Yeah, sometimes comparing these shows seems...rather fruitless.

      Thanks for the links, Kostya. :)
    7. Nachtsider
      I know they're euphemisms for 'penis' and 'breasts'. I just can't take seriously the notion that these euphemisms were born in Japan, as you suggested. To my knowledge, the Japanese euphemisms are 'chin-chin' and 'oppai', respectively.
    8. TwilightNero
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