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Apr 19, 2024 at 9:58 PM
    1. mirage426
      Hi, where did you preorder Skyfire for 230?
      1. knoted
        Hi, I must apologise; I meant, the equivalent of 230 USD, but in Philippine Peso: I am a European, residing in the Philippines and one of the online toy retailers here has preorders for 12200 Peso, which is about 230 USD. So...I'm pretty sure they don't cater to the USA market.
        Jun 16, 2022
    2. GoLion
      Thank you very much! VERY NICE!
      1. knoted
        You're welcome !
        Mar 13, 2017
    3. GoLion
      Foot upgrade for TR PMOP? Link please?
      1. knoted
        Mar 10, 2017
    4. GoLion
      Gotcha. No worries. Mine had a few more issues than I liked (nothing major) so I decided to buy a second one. Thanks anyway.
    5. GoLion
      You interested in getting rid of the Super Ginrai?
      1. knoted
        Sorry, but no. He's probably my fav TF in years. The feet on mine are tight.
        Jan 25, 2017
    6. pokemonsdoom
      thank you for the speedy response, my friend,
    7. pokemonsdoom
      i must know something, where is your avatar from?
      1. knoted
        Hi, the avatar is the DJ Sid Wilson from Slipknot. Onstage the bandmembers wear masks and Sid often wears this kind of skull mask. You can google him and see all the sorts of masks he has.
        Dec 17, 2016
    8. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      HELLO ^_^
      Do you if I can use the prime’s head (rid) on evasion mode prime ?
      it should fit right ?
    9. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      this head works fine as meg’s
    10. mr convoy
    11. Superquad7
      Congrats on the G1 Spinister! If you don't want the cardback to it, shoot me a pm, as I'd be interested in it :)
    12. eagc7
      So, "Ultimate" is the new name for "Leader Class" ?
      Nope, Remember we Had An Ultimate Bumblebee in Movie 1 and ROTF Lines so its not an new name for leaders
    13. OptimusPrimal13
      Hee, hoe is tie?

      Hier alles wel.

      15 mei as. ga ik een paar WIP's showen bij De Treinenshop in Heerenveen. Dit om het Customizen van TF's een beetje te promoten. Ook ga ik daar zitten te knutselen.
      Kom je ook? Het is van 11.00 tot 16.00 in De Treinenshop te Heerenveen.

      Ik hoor wel van je.
    14. knoted
      Thanx ! :D Dat was eigenlijk m'n eerste custom. Ben nog een newbie, maar ik had vantevoren wel goed uitgezocht hoe & wat.. dus vandaar dat ie wel aardig is geworden. Hij heeft hier z'n thread op TFW al een tijdje... maar ik kan 'em niet meer vinden ... search knopje is weg ? Iig, de thread zou te vinden moeten zijn op "dark destroyer megatron"...
      Ik hoop spoedig weer wat tijd & geld te hebben om een andere custom te maken van ROTF Dirge.... ( die aerial bot repaint van Eisen vinnik SUPER )

      * edit... hij is ook nog wel op m'n deviantart te vinden : knoted's Gallery
    15. OptimusPrimal13
      BTW mooie custom die Dark Destroyer Megatron. Ik moet bekennen dat er op vrij weinig echte Radicons aanwezig zijn. Het zou gepromoot moeten worden. De meeste NL Radicons zitten allemaal hier.
    16. OptimusPrimal13
      Graag gedaan. Jij ook bedankt.
    17. OptimusPrimal13
      Niet alleen Indo's maar ook Friezen. BTW, ik kwam je net tegen op
    18. fateastray
      Het was een inside-joke tussen wat vrienden van de middelbare school en mijzelf. ;-) enne, ben anak maluku :-O
    19. fateastray
    20. knoted
      I've seen them 3 times by now, but it's been some time ago. First time was in 2002 : which, imo was the best performance I've seen of them. After that, I saw them as an opener to the Metallica tour (the accoustics sucked, unfortunately) along with Korn and most recent show was in a small venue (Clown was absent due his wife's ilness).
      I hope they change up their set list a bit though... I still want to see 'em play 3 nil live :(

      Goodluck getting some tickets in the future !
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