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Nov 5, 2016
May 13, 2006
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Let the Virus Consume You

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Nov 5, 2016
    1. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade

      Well, I suppose I can now start off with a clean slate.

      Thanks for putting up with me, knook.
    2. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      Well, from here on out, I'll avoid that section of the site.

      And sorry if I labeled you a jerk.
    3. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      Thanks. I just posted an apology thread in the non-TF general discussion.

      I'm a nice person... it just takes some time to get to know me better enough for people to see that.
    4. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      I contacted Kickback via PM. He says that I should reconsider. I might come back to TFW, but I would feel a lot better knowing that people want me to stay, and that they're willing to put up with me sometimes, even though I can be a bit of a bitch at times.
    5. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      No, the whole I'm leaving thing was not to get attention... it was to tell you jerks off, that I had enough of taking crap from everybody.

      I might as well tell you this, and you can pass this info along to the others... I have Asperger's Syndrome, there are just some times I can be a difficult person to put up with. That, and all my life I've been the subject of everyone's torment and teasing. I only came online to sites like TFW2005 is to chat with people who share the same interests as me, make friends, and just relax, especially after having not-so-spectacular days and whatnot.

      Now hopefully, if people would quit leaving me messages and request to be my friend, I could actually leave this site for good. Or maybe I should just request to have my account here deleted so that it's done and over with...
    6. Erector
      that's hot. I've got wood.
    7. Erector
      Did you get raped by a bear?
    8. Dirge121
      Well, best of luck to ya man. I hope you two can meet up fairly soon!
    9. Dirge121
      Not bad! So, planning to go see her or vice versa?
    10. Dirge121
      See, its easy. Though, Im on Easter beak, so Im more or less on her timezone now lol.
      So wheres yours at?
    11. Dirge121
      Aah, got yourself a girl in another timezone too, huh?
    12. Dirge121
      Jeez. You woke the poor girl up at about 6am? You heartless villain.
    13. Dirge121
      Fun huh? Its really relaxing.
    14. Dirge121
      Okay, as long as youre sure!

      Im pretty good. Just relaxing and listening to the birds singing... Im getting old :(
    15. Dirge121
      Damn man. Im sorry to hear that. You alright?
    16. Dirge121
      Mornin' boyo. Still not sleeping?
    17. Red leader
      Red leader
      Hello mate, thanks for the heads up but they are just ads for coming soon stuff :)
    18. Dirge121
      Sal shipping, 2 weeks from dispatch.
      One word of advice. If you get one, be careful. The Antenna on the head might be loose or even fallen off in the package. It just slots back in, I might have to glue it.
    19. Dirge121
      Hey Nathan, my stuff from HLJ finally showed up.
      Holy freaking god is the Hyaku Shiki awesome!
      Really small, but the 1/200s are. If you were thinking about getting this guy, I reallu reccomend him.

      Its so shiny! But the Hambrabi is really neat too!
    20. LordOptimus
      Hey man. How's school going?
      Have you had a chance to work on "it"?
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