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Jul 25, 2014
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Female Decepticon

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Jul 14, 2017
    1. Pinpoint
      I saw that alphatron creep is on your friends list. Take him off.

      He targets female (or supposedly female) users, prying into their personal info and trying to hook up with them. He came after me once (even though I'm not female) and tried guilt tripping me into adding him onto his friend list. I managed to stop him, but I went through his VMs and a lot of the convos he has with other users are pretty invasive.

      He's banned right now, but he'll probably be back. Just avoid him.
      Hey I really like the work you did on your AOE OP. Would you mind sharing with me what types and colors of paint that you used? I plan to repaint mine and I'm new at customizing. Any help or advice you offer would be appreciated. Thanks.
    3. Menasor36
      Hey, I finally got a feedback page! Thanks for showing me the way.
    4. simonatmac
      :-). Nice customs. Haven't posted much myself lately...
    5. newbie77
      Really cool ;)
    6. Superquad7
      "Superquad7" has only one 's' :wink:
    7. Shadowwavepool7
      I like your paint jobs, simple and effective is usually the best way to do it, and you nail it every time.
    8. Shadowwavepool7
      Good dame madame.
    9. Zigholtul
      A female Transformers fan that's into customizing figures, I am very impressed.

      If that statement seemed a bit offensive then I apologize but this is just something I don't see very often. I looked at some of the customs you've posted on the Radicons board and they look amazing, far better than whenever I first started back in 2011 with the DOTM line. Luckily the Prime line allowed me to not only become better at painting but its the first time where I felt that I was going to try and tackle every single figure, even going so far as to buy multiples so I could convert them into different characters like Skywarp and Shattered Glass Thundercracker, which I have two of for some weird reason. Then again I guess its better than buying like 8 DOTM Starscream figures, one of them being Thundercracker. Yeah I'm a little obsessed with that mold but can you really blame me, its a fun one.
    10. the_last_toltek
      yup, got both, and replied
    11. pumpkingonzo
      Ha :)
      All a learning experience here.
      Keep up the great work!
    12. ThinkTank Customs
      ThinkTank Customs

      this happened to me twice, i payed the shipping via paypal (NEVER pay as GIFT), does it not arrive within 30 day, i open a case and get the money back. :)
    13. nemesisconvoy
      Welcome to the family! ;)
    14. the_last_toltek
      What got ya on customizing in the first place?
    15. simonatmac
      Welcome, Fembot :-)
    16. pumpkingonzo
      Welcome aboard!
      Great Custom work!
    17. kklutter
      @thinkTank Customs and @craftsmith,

      Am I replying correctly? Thanks guys, really appreciate it. I did get a warning notice from the admins about rule #8 - i swear i didn't know :(

      but lucky i sitll have my account :)
    18. ThinkTank Customs
      ThinkTank Customs
      Welcome to tfw, I really like your customs, and your trademark pics with the selfies are priceless cool and unique, please keep it :)
    19. craftsmith
      Welcome to the boards, great first post.
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