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Jun 10, 2009
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Assuming Direct Control

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Jul 21, 2010
    1. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      Monkey balls!
    2. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      The bad ending shoulda been that Quinlan goes around talking to everyone and they explode, until he gets to the Ripper. Then Quinlan (and his hair) explode leaving only his coat which is sentient and deadly. The Ripper and the coat fight to the death, with the coat winning and going on a sex tour or Nigeria.
    3. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      You know what would have made it work? If part way through some dull exposition about Rhys-Davies fucking Quinlan, he'd exploded.
    4. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      I particularly enjoyed that, after about ten minutes of Rhys-Davies babbling on about how he was going to fuck Quinlan for something involving sausages (seriously, how can a scene contain so much overt and hidden homosexual imagery at the same time? Was he trying to threaten Quinlan or chat him up?), Quinlan just comes out and says he's not interested in the threats, just catching the Ripper, and the whole matter gets dropped. So why bring it up, you fuckpipes?
    5. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      And what was that sequence with John Rhys Davis all about? It had almost fuck all to do with the plot.
    6. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      That ending. Un-fucking-believable. I'm kinda stunned that after all the effort they went to with the game, they skimped so much on the endings.
    7. batcam11
      Happy New Year from the Netherlands!!!!!
    8. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      And when IS Quinlan going to hit that coat with some Febreeze? And where did he get that thing anyway? How many cows were killed to make it?
    9. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      I heard that, Quinlan!
    10. Takara_destron
      I loved Arc GL's design but I don't think it had much time to shine in the series. Besides, I've got all the Revoltech mechs bar that and Super Galaxy GL so I want to finish up the set. Have you got Gurren & Lagann? Easily the best out of all of them.

      I've been thinking about picking up some of the EVAs, but theres so many different versions of them now I'm not really sure whether to get the TV or Rebuild movie ones. Will pick up the new Asuka fraulein once its out though. I can't wait for the transforming Macross valkyries though.
    11. Takara_destron
      Awesome, sucks about the QC issue though. My Yoko came with one of the zips on her boots broken (easily fixed but still annoying). Glad you like her though :)
      Ordered myself Revoltech Arc Gurren Lagann today so hopefully that'll arrive soon :D
    12. Takara_destron
      Sweet! How is the movie version?
    13. Keroshino
      you rule! for having Harry Mason as your avatar :D
    14. Kevinisprime
      Dude, Yoko is awesome! :D I thought I'd never find a fellow yoko fanboy here on tfw.
    15. zero minor
      zero minor
      hello hows it going?_?
    16. zero minor
    17. Takara_destron
      The sucks, she sure seems to be taking her time to get to you!
      I'm not too bad thanks, having no money atm sucks but I'll live :lol
    18. Takara_destron
      How are ya? You got your Movie Yoko revoltech yet?
    19. Takara_destron
      Yes you must get the Yoko artbook, its frigging awesome! :D

      I really want the Nia one now though....:lol
    20. Hyperoptic
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