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Jan 8, 2016
Jul 22, 2013
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Jan 8, 2016
    1. Shortwave
      good to hear.
    2. Shortwave
      been keepin buisy.
    3. Shortwave
      Been a while hows things?
    4. Shin-Gouki
      More like the Anti-Role Model ;)
    5. Shortwave
      Nah this isnt earth the land is Gunn its like Europe though. (im used to the steriotype)
      but i mean Prince. Guarn (the characters name) was raised as a boy as were all females in line to the throne in her land infact most girls and boys have the same upbringing (its joked that Gunns 2nd export is girls who can pee standing up the third is kicks to the groin for making the joke. )
      there is a story as to why this is the case.
    6. Shortwave
      may actualy use that im repurposing an old character who was a Dragon Paladin into a Naked feral child whos brother is a dragon as is her mother.
      and a female Prince haire to the throne. (Queens are banned so she has to be a prince.)
    7. Shortwave
      being still young and pretty mutch alone she hasto find her wat to a mainland king.
      think of it as growing up on Stalthime in skyrim when the Akavari attack and you have to convince a Thain of the danger approching but your 12.

      i just need to come up with ideas for traveling companions. i have ideas offcorce
    8. Shortwave
      not realy its a war in a fullmetal alchemest type world.
      the tech level is arround WW1 era with magic and Elves ect.
      my character Sein Reith was the daughter of the lord prochter or the isle of Seratin. when the Isle is taken by invading forces she is forced to escape seek help and warn or empending invasion.
    9. Shortwave
      basicaly its a lead up to WW1 in a LOTR type world.
    10. Shortwave
      Nah and i probably wont for a while so no comment. i am starting to work in a fantasy story though and im working on a 5 to 7 person group.
    11. Shortwave
      thats who the Defcons are they are Megs shock troops the guys he sends in when he absolutely positively has to kill every mother fucker on the planet.
    12. Shortwave
      Cool i prefere OCs as you know.
    13. Shortwave
      the Defcons, Sisters of sin, Wardogs, i can go on i am working on a group named the Solus belles a femme gestalt.
    14. Shortwave
      Hmm a few.
    15. Shortwave
      Random Autobot guy number 137.2-57
    16. Cujo
    17. megatroptimus
      Actually, that number is long outdated, that's almost the number of Optimus Prime figures I have alone! :D
    18. Shortwave
      Sorry been over worked and just you know not been in the mood to draw for a bit.
    19. Shortwave
    20. Shortwave
      Nah dont want any. i have plenty as it is.

      Hay im contemplating starting a Fallout Cybertron Fan-fic.
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