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    1. velencourte
      Fellow Kuuga fan. Nice.
    2. MoonBaseTom
      I'm so sorry for the late reply, I haven't logged in for a LONG time. Ill shoot him a message and see what he says.
    3. chansformers
      hi,sorry for the late reply,but unfortunately the parts i used to make the silas breakdown were supplied by the commissioner,mainly just silas and the voyager prime breakdown.
      none of the other two army guys that comes with silas in that set.
    4. GiGaPower
      looks nice, and very similar to our dinobots size
    5. Big Hache
      Big Hache
      I have been on hiatus, especially since my printer went down. Then a wife came. I'm looking to get back into my customs soon.
    6. megatroptimus
      Oh right, yes, I do! Why?
    7. megatroptimus
    8. theosteve
      Yeah, at that potential price, I figure he'd make good custom material.
    9. Myndbomb
      Ok I don't have any MP's at the moment that are worth trading.
      I do have:
      FE Optimus
      Voyager Whirl
      PRID Megatron
      iGear Hench

      I also have the Dark Energon Megatron, Ultimate Predaking, and all the other Prime figures, the Demolition twins, iGear Cosmos, and much more. Unfortunately, I have been dealing with X-wife last few days and had to send most of my Savings Account to her, so I doubt much will come of this deal. =( If you collect Legends, I have a spare Legends Skywarp (EZ Skywarp from EZ Chronicles Classics Collection 02) that's super rare and very hard to find.

      I know it's doubtful but throwing shit out there. LoL Anyway, if not, I do wish you well and apologize for bothering you.

      Thanks again,

    10. vvvTheONEvvv
      MP-13... soundwave? if this is the one, it's roughly 216.00 for both soundwave AND acidstorm out the door at TRU with tax included... ebay/paypal fees and shipping makes it about 285.00 to break even... I just sold a set.

      so minus about 125 from that amount, and a straight across deal on ebay is still 160 total, if someone isn't scalping.

      hope that helps. :)
    11. Scaleface
      Take a picture of the broken part and send it to either the company who you bought the tape from, or KFC's Facebook page. They might send you a replacement.
    12. Rexidus
      Let it sit in 90% or higher rubbing alcohol and you can use a brush or paper towel to wipe it off. It may take some effort but the more alcohol will make it easier.
    13. Rexidus
      Sealant means something to seal it. That is something to protect it from scratching. The floor polish gives it a thin coat that will make the paint resistant to scratching.

      I think I'd recommend Citadel white if you want a brush on paint. Tamiya white didn't work out too well for GLaDOS.
    14. Rexidus
      For red and silver, both good choices for this project by the way, my Tamiya acrylics have actually served me well. Burnout in my sig is just plain old Tamiya red (X-7) and as time has gone on I've grown to love that figure more and more because of the red. used Tamiya chrome silver (X-11). I quite like it but I did recently find another one that I liked more. was a Tamiya spray metallic silver but for detail work a spray is very difficult. At least it is for me. That Primal I tried to use the white spray paint for details like the feet and just had a lot of issues getting it working right. So that's something I still need to work on or give up.
    15. Rexidus
      White I've never found a good choice for. If you can separate the pieces you'd want to be white I'd say grab a spray can of Tamiya white. I used that on this guy and while I had issue with it it seems to be the best white I've used. The Tamiya and Citadel brush whites were too thin or thick respectively. Here's Chromedome with Citadel white. I've gather from responses in those topics that white is one of the hardest to use.
    16. NemesisAngel
      Yeah he says theres a long month wait period (which is just as long so that you cannot claim a charge back on your credit card or paypal) gives excuses, then never does anything and takes your money. I lost $575 to him but I didn't know he was a scammer so it was too late for me.
    17. Liokaiser
      MP Prime thread wasn't keep as a sticky. Going to change that. :D
    18. TFao
      Skystalker does attach with no modification needed. Although its only held on by friction, it is a pretty good, tight fit. I believe I still have a pic or two of how it connects.

      As for the white missles, they're from a Masterpiece Robotech Valkyrie. The gun on Swindle is from a Gundam I believe, although I don't know which one specifically. And Onslaught's missles are from a 1/60 Macross valkyrie.

      Happy hunting, and thanks for asking!
    19. archieboy
      Man, there's a thriving and awesome Brave thread here on TFW, you should come check it out

      Haven't started Dagarn yet, but I already have up to Episode 26 (thanks to you and your team). I've just finished J-Decker, which was great, and I saw Gaogaigar early this year. I'm not sure about the availability of subbed episodes for the other series, but I would love to have them.

      Might Gaine
    20. rattraprules98
      They aren't 3D renders, he sculpted them himself.
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