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    1. Bumblebee765
      This one's worthy of a screenplay... and all of the 'Bots and 'Cons here need to be seen... and putting Cyclonus as the nearly-unstoppable bad guy is a very nice touch... I could imagine Overlord in his place, but Cyclonus is a good twist...

      We need that sequel, stat!! :)
      Thanks! I plan to draw character art for all the characters, I already have a bunch of vehicle modes from Google images saved. Yeah, I really wanted Cyclonus to seem really indestructible. Even when he leaves (I didn't want to kill him off, he's coming back!) it's really just to "reboot his systems", so to speak. For some reason I've always wanted to see Cyclonus in the Movieverse, he's the character I hope for in the fourth movie! :D Overlord? I'm not too familiar with that TransFormer. I'll have to look him up. Who knows, maybe once I'm done with this series of fan fictions, I might write one with him in it!

      I'm working on the sequel right now actually! I've finished writing the short prologue, and I plan to post it soon! It's going to be called "The Return" And depending on how that one ends, I may write one after that. I hope to write a decent arc with Cyclonus...
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