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    1. Lewis Reviews
      Lewis Reviews
      Hi is there any way my date of birth could be changed? I put in the wrong date ages ago when I first made my account. Thanks for reading my message, and hopefully it can be fixed!
    2. smiller0570
      Hi my I was trying to update my personal settings and saw my birthday was wrong. It says to contact an administrator to change it, so is that possible? Thanks!!
    3. Jokerman2k
      Sent this to another Admin, but I'm a newbie and I have a ton of Transformers I'd like to offer the members at a better then eBay pricing. However I don't have rights to post in the Sales area. Any chance I can get that access? I'm not a dealer I'm a super fan and have been collecting since Gen-1. Even have the one that you need to mail away to get back in the day.

    4. Skepter3002
      I sent this message to another admin but I did not get a response. hope you can help. :)

      I started a commission feedback thread in the junkion exchange but then I found out it is supposed to be in the creative marketplace under commissioner feedbacks. Can you please help me by moving it to where it's supposed to be?
      Sorry for the trouble

    5. Rattrap587
      Some questions: 1) Can I show some news from on my TF YouTube channel? ( Would be a great content to show. 2) Can I show some content of my channel in the forums? I have TF reviews, fanarts, games, and other things to show. Thanks in advance!
    6. bubbalew
      Hi, was just wondering why log in and alerts are no longer on front page. Have to go to radicons page to find them
    7. Bombshock
      Yo, how can I delete my old thread?
    8. Aaron Archer
      Aaron Archer
      Well i fell back into my normal role fast, lol
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    9. Elvin Pena
      Elvin Pena
      I heart you!
      1. Kickback likes this.
    10. Movor17
      Hey, could I get a name change? I have no idea who to talk to about it.
    11. Hougangkid
      Hi, I'm a new member and I can't post anything, as I keep getting the "spam-like" error message.

      Tried changing my post multiple times to see if that helps, but it doesn't work, not even if I reduce my post to a single sentence containing just normal words, no smileys or anything.

      How do I fix that?
    12. mnabiyein
      Hello friend
    13. jrod1019
      Just passing the word Hasbro website has Transformers Power of the Primes available to buy in which some might have missed wave 2 Sludge and Snarl worth a look.
    14. squeezeplay

      I'm trying to get in touch with member Masishadow. I was wondering you could email them and let them know that I have PMed them on both this board and the boards and to please reply? I am trying to buy something from them.


    15. Theleochat
      Hello ,

      Can you help me? I can not post my discussions and the error persists. Here is the error message that appears:
      Your content can not be submitted. This is probably because your content looks like spam or contains inappropriate material. Please edit your content or try again later. If you still have problems, contact an administrator.
    16. AndroidAnchovy
      I was wondering, if I am posting images of artwork of my own designs of past characters, with the intention of eventually turning them into figures, would I prefix that with Customs or Fan Art? It is more design than anything else, but it is all hand drawn. Thank you, sorry for the silly question!
    17. Neal Ickes
      Neal Ickes
      I'm having trouble posting anything on this site. I want to put up a list of the toys in my collection that I'm looking to sell (with a link to my Ebay feedback this time), but it says my content is inappropriate or similar to spam. It also says to contact an administrator if there are any problems. Can you help me fix this?
    18. Fallout
      lol, not to be creepy but i saw you live in denver. i'm trying to move to CO, crashing in a hotel in glenwood for a week while i try to get a job. beautiful state.
    19. EradiconA113N
      Heyo, question, I see you are part of the news staff. I wondered if I should speak to you or if you could point me in the right direction--but I found some TF merch that I haven't seen on the news feed for those who might be interested. What would you have me do?
    20. robo_rob
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