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    1. Automorpher
      Check your PM, thanks!
    2. Automorpher
      Double post!
    3. Automorpher
      Hi King,

      Do help me send a message to the boys in groupchat, informing them that I'd lost my mobile phone earlier.


    4. jordanimus 1
      jordanimus 1
      How'sit going? Im still interested in getting a punch counterpunch head mold if possible. Please do respond.
    5. rizuan76
      DOTM Leadfoot kinda reminds me of Dan Bontot :p
    6. rizuan76
      Most of us are now here. Pls join :)

      Planet Iacon - Singapore Transformers Fans Group | Facebook
    7. rizuan76
      Pls check out the words of tender loving care here:

      jo7's Profile - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards

    8. rizuan76
      Bro fyi: Hasbro Transformers TF Universe Breakaway

    9. WhiteMocha
      Hey King! Good to hear from you! Yeah, totally, we called Tracks/Wheeljack. Funny how so many fans came to that conclusion independently. I think we all know how Hasbro thinks, and latched on to the similarities. Anyhow, yeah, great stuff coming out soon, such a flood!

      I hope all is well with you over there!
    10. WhiteMocha
      Hey, thanks for the photocomic link, King! Ha, yeah, that strip is great. Making fun of Drift is like shooting fish in a barrel, but it is satisfying. :)

    11. WhiteMocha
      Well.... technically they did the Technobot Strafe as a Gentei repaint of Cyclonus, but yeah, that was a pretty weak homage. Unless you give him a new head, the Cyclonus mold pretty much only looks like Cyclonus. :)

      Yeah, I've always thought it made sense to have Tracks and Wheeljack share a mold. There are just so many similarities: sports car alt mode, windshield chest, car-hoods form the legs, wings, dual shoulder cannons. They could design a car that felt like a halfway cross between a Lancia Stratos and a Corvette, and if they wanted to go the extra mile it could even have a dual front-to-back leg transformation (like the chest of the Sunstreaker mold). But it wouldn't really even be necessary... that would be such a small deviation from G1, I'm sure folks would be fine if, you know, Wheeljack's hood were on the back of his legs or something. :p We'll see, I guess! Can't wait to see an actual photo of that Tracks mold.

      Yeah, I'm with you, Thunderwing should have been an Ultra. Heck, at that scale they could actually have done him as an updated Pretender, with a posable shell. But really, we're lucky we're getting him at all!
    12. WhiteMocha
      Hey King! Thanks for the profile message! Yeah, so much cool Generations stuff, huh? While I admit I am a smidge disappointed that Kup and/or Arcee weren't actually officially announced, it sure soudns like one of them is on the way (likely Kup).

      But the stuff that WAS announced is just golden! It will certainly be nice to have a proper Classics Jazz, although I can't say I'm really surprised by that one. I figured he would come sooner or later. The two that surprise me the most, and that I find myself most excited about, are Tracks and Perceptor. They are two favorites of mine, but are sort of B-level characters who I never expected to get Classics releases (well, okay, maybe Perceptor... but I never saw Tracks happening unless he was a Wheeljack remold. I suspect that now Wheeljack will be a remold of HIM, which will be fine too).

      So yeah, I'm jazzed.... pun intended. :)
    13. rizuan76
    14. Automorpher
      Rhinox is the only cool piece out of those 3. :rock

      Not really feeling the other 2 (Silverbolt & Waspinator) especially Waspinator. The paint scheme on his Jet mode was extremely hilarious. I mean, where on Earth would you find a jetplane looking like that?? :lol
    15. rizuan76
      Chk out the words of appreciation, devotion & affection here. :D
      dawGTX's Profile - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    16. solitudinal
      Nice crystal convoy pic! :wink:
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