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Jan 6, 2021
Jan 31, 2011
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Keith Prime

Advanced Engineer, Male, from USA

Zombie? Jun 10, 2020

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Jan 6, 2021
    1. Keith Prime
    2. nobleboivin
    3. Ømnidrive
      So damn lucky!!!! I found one but had no sucked HUGE DINO BALLS THAT DAY!!!!
    4. Ømnidrive
      Hi how r u?!!!!
    5. moreprimeland
      Thanks, I'll give that link a look see and will double check others b4 I buy anything. NOT in a rush at all. :D
    6. moreprimeland
      moreprimeland Mattel Voltron SDCC 2011 San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Action Figure Blazing Sword Voltron: Toys & Games

      I hear ya about the transformation lions, et al...but I'm not willing to pay $400+ for the MP one.
    7. moreprimeland
      I know you have the Masterpiece Voltron, what's your opinion on the SDCC 2011 Voltron? Worth the $$?
    8. Saberfrost01
      I'm currently charging my camera but once it's operational again the next picture I need to take is of my vector Prime since it's not how he came from the store so need to work out if we work with it. I'll put the pic in the planning discussion when I am able.

      UPDATE: The image has been posted.
    9. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Very sharp! I'll add that as the group icon :)
    10. bradforj
      Thanks! I didn't realize anyone had joined. I created the group months ago and gave up :(
    11. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Thanks for the update on the GIMP software dude, I've merged it into the main tutorial so your name stays by it and you get full credit for the addition :)
    12. Saberfrost01
      Oh... well I have reason to belive these are symptoms related to the same cause none-the-less. I have now checked the page you mean and it's the same for me to. so yeah... Related I bet.
    13. Saberfrost01
      Keith, I've left an image related to your issue in the Tech support so you're not the only one with the problem. Hopefully the admins can get it fixed before too long
    14. Barricade24
      Hey, I was wondering, how did you get the image in your sig to link to your funnies?
    15. DJW107PRIME
      None the less you didn't have to post em so thanks and that goes to your mysterious friend as well.
    16. DJW107PRIME
      Nice Job on the Bruticus pics KP!:thumb
    17. TrueNomadSkies
      Every time I look at your sig very late at night, I think its talking about "planet anus", and then I immediatly think of the beast wars episode where Rhinox takes an atromic fart all over Megatron.
    18. eagc7
      oops wrong person, i am kind of sleepy, when i am sleepy i dont pay attention to the profile or link i am checking to.
    19. EmperorDinobot
      I mean my comic: Revenge of the Fallen.

      DOTM, ROTF and TF1 sucked. All of them. I saw the hell out of them for the orgasmic eye candy.
    20. EmperorDinobot
      Trust me. Revenge of the Fallen is what ROTF should have been like.
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    TransFormers Adventures on Planet Arus | Contemplating coming back.
    My thought process was slagged, so I'll be editing my posts a lot. Intellect: Intact