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Jun 9, 2009
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Universal Wrestler, Male, from California

Re-checking out the site after a number of years away. Let's see if a new Funnies thread can/should be made. Dec 13, 2023

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Mar 13, 2024
    1. Karhukjnsi
      Re-checking out the site after a number of years away. Let's see if a new Funnies thread can/should be made.
    2. FanimusMaximus
      Hey did you have a Funny thread, called Dirty...something?
      1. Karhukjnsi
        Wow, dude. I apologize for never getting back to you on this. But, yes, I had "The Dirty Boys" on here, but it has since been deleted. I am, however, considering putting up my newest project onto the Funnies. I don't have much, and I don't know when I'll post next. But until then, if you have Instagram, you can find my newest stuff at @TheToyformers.
        Dec 13, 2023
    3. Jus09
      -bows- Thank you for the Dirty Boys.
    4. Shortwave
      Can you post a picture of your Altmode?
    5. Crystal Convoy
      Crystal Convoy
      I don't think it is from anything. I found it while searching Halloween an anime image site and the list of tags didn't list any series title.
    6. Wars
      Haha, thanks man! Always good to hear that people are getting a kick out of it! :D
    7. lildevilchick

      Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    8. lildevilchick
      Totally. I'm so exhausted and I hurt. I definitely plan to knock back a few and just pass out. :lol
    9. lildevilchick
      I love margaritas too, so maybe I do. :D

      Honestly, I just hope my boyfriend and I are settled in our new place by Sunday. We'll probably pick up some alcohol and drink, but that's it. I go back to work early on Monday so I just wanna sleep. :lol
    10. lildevilchick
      Tequila for me! When I go out and unwind, I always start with a shot of tequila. :D If I'm getting a mixed drink, I tend to stick with rum/jack and coke or vodka and cranberry juice. I like to keep it simple.
    11. Star Sabre James
      Star Sabre James
      It's a 1 gram ingot of gold around Swindle's neck. It was so perfect for the HOF Swindle campaign last year.
    12. HeroicC300
      How are you capable of confirming odd details like that?
    13. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Hey need a Generations Kickback?
    14. FanimusMaximus
      That's one kick ass signature man.
    15. QLRformer
      Cool new sig. Who is that, Galvatron+Magmatron?
    16. CyclonuS_ZerO
      Merry XMas broseph!
    17. Broken Forge
      Broken Forge
      Short term, no. Long term, yes. :wink:
    18. Jetbolt
      Something I made up.

      Had I been able to make it longer, I would added that Unicron answered his pleads by the form of dark energon. Transforming him into the sparkless monster Dead End and nearly killing Megatronus in a rematch before being removed.
    19. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      I do enjoy it. I love the characters enough to overlook the plot.
    20. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      well considering how pretty much the whoel fandom has turned againist the series i'm amazed you still like it.
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