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Apr 30, 2013
May 29, 2011
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Apr 30, 2013
    1. kara82
      b/c i have lived in TX my entire life and do not enjoy it.
    2. Smasher
      I happened to notice your location is 'Texas :('
      Prolly none of my business, but why the frown?
    3. hXcpunk23
      I'm asking $11 shipped, so let me know if you're interested and hit me with an email here: [email protected]

      My PM's are nearly full now and I haven't had a chance to clear it up (working on my own customs projects, as well as some commissions here and there). Also, if you're interested in any custom work, I'm open for commissions. :)

    4. hXcpunk23
    5. tannim31
      Just stopping in to say Hi :)
    6. kara82
      If you're visiting my page, feel free to leave a message. :)
    7. kara82
      goodnight to you as well. Sleep well.
    8. Yoakem
      Yeah, no joke. I wish I hadn't eaten all of the ice cream today.

      Enjoy your movie. I'm going to give sleep another try.

      Goodnight (I hope!) and thanks for the chat.
    9. kara82
      I know how you feel, I missed a weekend and we moved up 5 pages. 9 months of comics and Ice cream sounds pretty damn good. :D
    10. Yoakem
      Yeah, pretty much! Someone showed me a few comics. They seemed really interesting. I really need to read them... Perhaps if I ever get pregnant. That'll be a great way to spend 9 months, I reckon. Yep. Ice cream and comics. Kind of like my day today, minus being pregnant, and substitute comics for "ugliest tattoo" websites.

      I stopped coming here for a week, maybe, and I'm so far behind. It's kind of a shock to me, but then again, this place is pretty populated. Imagine when I get a job...haha.
    11. kara82
      I'm not sure. I know the way they portray him in the comics is very much like R.L. Ermy in Full Metal Jacket. But I definitely see the Bones in him. I like how Ratchet is "envoking" Bones in TF: Prime. He's even got the dislike of the humans ala dislike of Vulcans.
    12. Yoakem
      Usually 1-2AM is my limit. I hope I can get to bed by at least 5....

      I was just looking over your "About me" section. I see you like Kup. I had no idea who he was until recently, and I think he's pretty cool, too. I always said Ratchet reminded me of DeForest Kelley's Leonard McCoy, but Kup actually looks the part, too! That was kind of cool.

      Are they meant to be the same person or something?
    13. kara82
      You're fine, I'm up late anyways. If you need to talk feel free.
    14. Yoakem
      Yeah, I don't know, I've been having panic attacks for the better part of the night. I thought they died down enough to get to bed, but I guess not. My kitty is even sleeping on my bed waiting for me lol.

      I won't keep you all night or anything, but sometimes I just need all the distractions I can get.
    15. kara82
      R u ok? U said you were having a tough night. I assume your having trouble sleeping.
    16. Yoakem
      The animated series- I typed Prime but I definitely meant Animated. And the morning...is in the morning...lol. I've got to get up at 9 to feed and let out the animals, though I'll probably sleep in since I doubt I'll get any sleep tonight.
    17. kara82
      Whats in the morning? Are you watching prime the series or the beginning movie?
    18. Yoakem
      Trying to catch up on Animated, dreading the morning. I can't believe it's already 3AM. X_X Good movie, though. I'd so totally watch it but I'm really not in the mood.
    19. kara82
      i'm a night owl. just watching shawshank on TBS I think. U?
    20. Yoakem
      Hi :) What are you doing on so late?
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