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Jan 8, 2008
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Jun 30, 2019
    1. MasterxBlaster
    2. mrgalvaprime
      Yeah, I've just got the series on DVD a couple of days ago after reading many a good review of the series and seeing that it was on sale, and my favourite episode is "Jamming with Edward". I only just got Gurren Lagann a couple of weeks ago and i love it too
    3. mrgalvaprime
    4. MasterxBlaster
      Yeah man it was fun, and will be BIGGER and BETTER next month ;] I'll give you a 2week heads up to make sure you can free up a couple of hours in the Afternoon to hang out!

      Dang did you? I know after I fiddled with XT's P.E Arcee.. I preordered the blue one! so i can have a classics chromia! They are freaking sweet! And the TFC iron army for the PCC's are off the chain, feels way better then hasbros attempt lol!
    5. MasterxBlaster
    6. MasterxBlaster
      Haha right on! And yeah I have 2mindwipes now.. and i have the scout SKYSTALKER also! they look cool together!

      Oh yeah damn! I wonder when the new wave shit is fina hit! I need to go hunting again lol!
    7. MasterxBlaster
      No problem man! I'll just throw it on ebay.

      Damn nice man! Yeah i've had a few epic hauls this week!
      Here's my Dark Energon Crew!
      Big Movie Haul I got in today for hella cheap

      Still have some other stuff on the way from ebay some killer hauls i paid under 50% retail for wo0t!! Oh and some TF Comic Books :)
    8. MasterxBlaster
      Ive got an Extra First Edition Hasbro Bulkhead, only $60 for the homies. You interested?
    9. MasterxBlaster
      Tell me about it!! I need a Voyager Op I've got all 3 Voyager Bulks lol Takara First Edition, Hasbro First Edition & the Robots In Disguise version.

      And yeah I honestly don't like it at all... its just way to hollow, has holes all through the thing.
    10. MasterxBlaster
      Man bro, you did good getting your F.E voyager op when you did, they're becoming harder to come by now.. and especially for the price you paid for yours! I should of picked one up also!! The f.e bulkheads are becoming more accessable now, do you own one? I scored a Hasbro version also, so now I will have both hasbro & takara version, since its such a bad ass mould!
    11. FanimusMaximus
      Easily one of Megatrons best faces you have there on your sig.
    12. Duximus Prime
      Duximus Prime
      Hey, thanks man! I recently found it on DVD after remembering it as kid and watched it all the way through. Blade II was a little bit disappointing, but still cool to see it continued.
    13. MasterxBlaster
      Aww man, you were just a day late bro... But good find on the new Cyberverse figs!! haha at BABY VEHICON. Good haul bro!!
    14. MasterxBlaster
      No problem bro! Yeah I was at a family function so I couldn't leave to check it out either! I have a feeling the new Voyagers will be dropping this week also man! So keep your eyes peeled mayne!

      Good Luck~!
    15. MasterxBlaster
      bro you may want to check colma target, my friend said they did a restock over there!
    16. MasterxBlaster
      lol at Ankle blades, looks like his knee is double jointed HA!! And Arcee looks pretty nice... not feeling her wings on the back though... but my niece will like her as Fairy Princess Arcee hahaha!

      Im just waiting for them dang Vehicons to show up man, so we have something to Hunt, kinda glad that they havent arrived yet though cus I've been broke of late haha.. will have a couple dollars to spare these coming weeks though, now that I'm back at work full time.
    17. MasterxBlaster
      Right on fam! Dang I forgot about AMAZON! That's a good price.. if I can't find him in store on clearance in the next few weeks, ill def jump on amazon!

      And I hellla WANT a G1 predaking! Had him as a kid, and he would battle voltron all the time haha! And yeah them add ons are expensive shoooot, but some are needed but not at the asking price lol. I have G1 Optimus, Blaster, Perceptor, Soundwave, Soundblaster, Blitzwing, Astrotrain & then BBTS Piranacon. I WANT, the dinobots badddd!! Also Headmaster Mindwipe, and combiner COMPUTRON, AND OF Course Ovelord, there's a whole bunch more though eeek! *must stay away* lol! Cus I know it will go from loose figs, to wanting mib, to wanting damn AFA GRADED figs, and I will be homeless at that rate LMFAO so ima stick to my classics line A.T.M HA!
    18. MasterxBlaster
      Yeah her gun will come in handy for figs that don't have weapons! And yeah i forgot, maybe repros will make a sticker set, that would be sweeeeet!!! and helll yeah that one dude cheetimus be making ratchet look SICK!!!

      Yeah I haven't seen him in ages, thanks man! And yeah Vehicon is only one per case URGHS!! its gonna be tough!! if I find an extra I'll definitely pick one up for you also! I'll be happy with one at the start.. then look for in the later waves.

      Also looking for DOTM VOYAGER SKY HAMMER, if you find one, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I only seen him once, and passed him by.. i should of picked him up though! That's all im really on the hunt for in retail right now.. Still need to get myself a ROTF Voyager Mindwipe off ebay or the boards. I'm trying my best not to start buying G1 figs eeeeeekkk!
    19. MasterxBlaster
      Haha nice! Thanks man!

      Yeah I plan on opening her, cus I want her big gun, give it some paint detail and give it to Bumblebee!! I like Ratchet also, but he didn't give me that X-FACTOR, maybe cus everyone else Hyped him up so much.. but hems definitely a nice fig, with minimal flaws!

      Have you seen any Human Alliance Roadbusters at any Targets on clearance? I still need to pick him up!

      My hunts were soooorrry this weekend.. didn't find nothing wasn't really able to utilize the stackable coupons.. but just grabbed the only TFPrime cyberverse commander figure at a Target yesterday for only $1 with the 2 coupons stacked for $8off.. wish I could of found something better though.. but he was definitely worth it! Convinced me to pick up the rest of the commander line!

      PLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE PICK ME UP A Deluxe VEHICON if you find any in your hunts this week! I have a big feeling he will emerge this week!
    20. MasterxBlaster
      Nice bro yeah I finally picked up ratchet got him for $9 with the $4off manufacturer coupon! Oh nice I dont know if I seen that botshot set yet! I love the bot shots though!! Playing with my niece as I type to you hahaha!!!

      I'm going to open up my Ratchet tomorrow, so I have something to do loll!! I haven't opened my Arcee though I already really like my First Edition Arcee

      Yeah man, I'm walking around all good now man, only going to therapy once a week next week! My back has gotten a lot stronger, but I'm still very carefull.. My back is all straight now, feels great, feel like a new body haha
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