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    1. eagc7
      Old stuff by onyxcarmine on DeviantArt
    2. eagc7
      A Little Weird by xThe-Bubbly-One on DeviantArt

      Crosshairs: *to Jolt* no worries someday he will get his karma!

      Spongebob Can't Survive All 3 Scary Loud Sisters by funnytime77 on DeviantArt

      indeed :lol

      YouTube by onyxcarmine on DeviantArt
    3. eagc7
      New Hero in Town by ShutterflyEQD on DeviantArt

      Whirl: the video of your breakdown when you found out you cut your hands for nothing made me famous online

      School week by onyxcarmine on DeviantArt

      what your planning in getting next?

      Dammit by onyxcarmine on DeviantArt

      Damn it Batman :lol

      Fluttershy by CChiuan on DeviantArt
    4. Leonis Prime
      Leonis Prime
      Hey mate

      I have just updated Batman: Deception with a new chapter.

      Enjoy :)
    5. eagc7
      Side Quest [post-episode cartoon] by FouDubulbe on DeviantArt

      Hound: reminds me when Jolt found a gun and cut his hands too.

      Wonder Woman by Arkenstellar on DeviantArt

      so gotten anything new?

      ATG 2016: Spaced Out (#6) by AniRichie-Art on DeviantArt
    6. eagc7
      Lightning Buster by Lightning-Bliss on DeviantArt

      Drift: wont be surprised if Chin-face works with them...

      Drifting by bobthedalek on DeviantArt


      ATG 2016: Reading Rainbow (#18) by AniRichie-Art on DeviantArt
    7. eagc7
    8. batfan007
      Thanks for the TAV 10 TAK Slug comments, will buy one of him, like him better in that purple repaint over the other version
    9. eagc7
      Thor and Loki by pencilHeadno7 on DeviantArt
    10. eagc7
      Sonata Dusk (pony) by negasun on DeviantArt

      it does, i bet for Discord it would be trolling :lol

      Natg day 16 by Madacon on DeviantArt
    11. eagc7
      Crossword by January3rd on DeviantArt
    12. eagc7
      MLP Alternate Universe: Mothers of Harmony by ImperfectXIII on DeviantArt
    13. eagc7
      Fluttershy by dennyvixen on DeviantArt

      Hound: *Backs away from Whrl*

      Pietro and Wanda - Silver and Scarlet by LadyMintLeaf on DeviantArt
    14. eagc7
      Twilight Sparkle by dennyvixen on DeviantArt

      Whirl: *Freezes Crosshairs* Why you must be so cold toward my puns?

      Photobomb by pencilHeadno7 on DeviantArt

      If we go ahead with Thor 2 being mostly original, here are the elements from Dark World i want to keep
      1. Frigga Death
      2. Thor must break Loki out of prision because he needs his help
      3. Loki fakes his death and takes over Asgard while Odin fate is left unknown.

      Wander upon a Sunny star by gizmo01 on DeviantArt
    15. eagc7
    16. eagc7

      Hound: that comic reminds me of when Percy gets pissed off when some of us fail to understand somethnig scientific.


      okie dokie, i'll send you a pm with the idea since this post is kinda long for me to add it here


      yes i did, i will read it tommorow or over the weekend, since i am busy filmnig the Goji vs Delatious scene :)


    17. eagc7
      Spider-mare -ATG 2016- WIP by Inurantchan on DeviantArt

      never piss off Weegee :lol

      OHMYGODLENI by RetroNeb on DeviantArt

      i had another idea for our suicide squad styled TF project, which in a way could re-structure some of my proejcts, wanan hear?

      First impression by pure1water on DeviantArt
    18. Fanatic97
      Well..any ideas where ^^:
    19. Fanatic97
      Should I try and potich my alternate Avengers idea anywhere?
    20. eagc7
      I want my tip! by HOT--DOG on DeviantArt

      Hound: he better pray eggy or megs dont end up having a kid if they hired him.

      Nag-inate by bobthedalek on DeviantArt

      wont be surprised if her favorite mario Levels are the ones with the boos :lol

      Sunset and Lori on Pyramid (Request) by DJgames on DeviantArt
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