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    1. eagc7
      That's how we eat by PhuocThienCreation on DeviantArt

      What a talent show :lol

      Comic: Buffering by SpainFischer on DeviantArt

      Whirl: *shows them a video of Lincoln giving jerktinel tips on how to survive in his house, what he can and cant do, of course jerktinel ignores him, insults Lincoln, makes a mess in thehouse, piss off all 11 siblings and gets beaten up.*

      Accurate :lol
    2. eagc7
      Time Check by bobthedalek on DeviantArt


      Hard-Core by Toxic-Mario on DeviantArt

      Whirl: i have another video of jerktinel!

      Luan Loud looks like Kari McKeen by Skysprinter on DeviantArt
      wow :lol
    3. eagc7

      and other think i just thought of is what if one of the reasons there are Sentinels in the danger room, since this is a world where the Transformers exist, what if one of the reasons they train by fighting Sentinels is so that they can be prepared in the case they have to fight Decepticons at one point.
    4. eagc7
      and since this will be set after the rise of the Inhumans, what ya think if Apocalypse holds hatred towards the "fake" mutants.
    5. Fanatic97
      Yep, check out my comic sfor what she did to Sentinel ;)
    6. eagc7
      On other topics, so since i have plans to do X-Men: Apocalypse, since this will be set in the same universe as my other projects, what ya think if Tony Stark had a hand in building the new Danger Room and helping Hank McCoy in building some of the equimptment for the team?
    7. Fanatic97
      s a goof figure in my books :)

      It's strange not to have her be a Transfromer but eh
    8. eagc7
      Separation by bobthedalek on DeviantArt

      Crosshairs: cant wait to see when he deals with the other sisters and that whtie haired kid.

      Aphrodite the goddess of love or shipping. by jucamovi1992 on DeviantArt

      i bet that in your universe Gamma mission was not to free the Filickies inside the other E-Series robots, but to convert them into Bronies :lol

      Potion of Beauty by jucamovi1992 on DeviantArt
    9. Fanatic97
      BTW dude, do you have Silk?
    10. eagc7
      Pretty in Ribbons: Twilight Sparkle by Ipun on DeviantArt

      Drift: Chin-Face sure going to need a looooooong bath after the baby did the nubmer 2 on him.

      Classy Twilight by Tsundra on DeviantArt

      Since in the sonic games both Gamma and Omega betray eggman, if they appeared in ur comics, what are the chances of them betraying him, just because of his mlp hatred :lol
    11. eagc7
      Princess Twilight Sparkle by Canterlotian on DeviantArt

      Crosshairs: *to whirl* you should put that online, its gold!

      Luna No More by MLP-Silver-Quill on DeviantArt

      Slash: yeah, Percy should rewatch that part in JW before going into his nitpicking mode.

      Royal Business by JAEneth on DeviantArt
    12. eagc7
      Pinkpunzel by Allegro15 on DeviantArt
      works so well :lol

      Wont be surprised if the reason Mr krabs hired her is because she will forget about her paycheck :lol

      Tianjack by Allegro15 on DeviantArt

      Crosshairs: I never thought i'd see Chin-face babysit a baby *eats popcorns*

      Jurassic Park's intention. by JPLover764 on DeviantArt
      good point :lol

      i am currently reading it, i am in the part where they find Sentinel in the ark, i'll let you knwo my opinion once i had read it fully :)

      Marvel vs DC Wars by alienhominid2000 on DeviantArt
    13. eagc7
      Dory working at the Krusty Krab by DarkraDx on DeviantArt
      Somewhere out there is Squidward sobbing :lol

      Whirl: *puts a video feed of Jerktinel being forced to babysit Lily whiel sobbing, then screaming while he changes her diapers, then the house becoming a mess*

      You've got the touch.... by 1314 on DeviantArt
    14. eagc7
      Batman Superman Wonder Woman by VinRoc on DeviantArt

      Whirl: i have the first video ready!

      Luna and Leni Superstars Saga by sybergamer16 on DeviantArt
    15. eagc7
      Whirl: i have a camera ready so we can see him handle the 11 siblings for the rest of the week :ev:
    16. eagc7
      Whirl: that gave me an idea *grabs jerktinel*
      Jerktinel: LET ME GO!!
      Whirl: *puts him in a box and ships chin face to the Louds*
      Hound: This is going to be good :ev:
    17. eagc7
      The Loud Children Scared of Sulley's Fierce Roar by MichaelSquishyEddy89 on DeviantArt
      That explains how Sully was able to break the Scarer Record :lol

      Awesome! :)
      Godzilla: *fangirl squeal*

      Emails by onyxcarmine on DeviantArt

      what would chin-face say to the loud siblings :ev:

      Sunset - Hi by ReiDuran on DeviantArt
    18. eagc7
    19. eagc7
      Dipper Likes Pretty Lori by funnytime77 on DeviantArt
      wont be surprised if he starts developing a crush on her :lol

      Neptune has to work on that :lol

      My friends need to be punished... by dennyvixen on DeviantArt
    20. eagc7
      Behold Lola Loud! by funnytime77 on DeviantArt
      Behold Meme 2 - Lori Loud by DEEcat98 on DeviantArt
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